Chapter 1

Run directly to the north around Duen me to achieve. Look around you only once the city. The quarter master does not want to leave you to the labyrinth, since no endorsement can prove it. If their of you terminated discussion with it, Gearhart comes to you run and vouches for you, if their him a small favour renders. You are so nice and releases its apple garden in the west of the city from the fiesen Kobold. To her this did, goes again to Gearhart west of the labyrinth in the house of the energy. Run to the quarter master, who finally grants you inlet.

Chapter 2

According to desire of the large Horrendus are you now ready for the checks, therefore goes the way, which must go to it. The first check is rather simple, runs simply at the stone blocks past. Next must you the two appearing spiders kill, after the red lever pressed it. With the fire wave you run directly at the wave along. Again two Kobolde appear subsequently. The next check becomes somewhat more difficult, since the flame shot may meet you in no case. Run either after each shot into the small diagonally facing free space. Or you move quite closely at the lattice along, because the shot passes you in such a way. Their it created, geht's raus from the bad check walls, but the way is blocked by a lava lake.

**time-out** run the way after north left to the walls, in which it before be be, further, until it the enclosure achieve. Defeats the Troll and orbits thereafter the current stone in the center.

Now far is to the house of the energy, since Gearhart disappeared in the meantime. The stone blocks are set in motion, if you press the switch in the space beside it. Travel with the elevator downward. Look around you and press the switch. Run the stone blocks afterwards, until they turn, then must you fast into the small projection inside and afterwards past at the stone blocks.
Somewhat you continue to press the next switch and run by ourselves now the moving stone blocks. Further down enter you the course on the left side by the small lattice door. Presses the switch and runs by the stone blocks. **time-out** defeat the scorpio, go by the door and Gearhart give you the code, with which it the gate open can (short before the scorpio). You need the silver key, which is situated in the crate beside the new scorpio. Speak with Gearhart, which told as one you can to be fled. You must press only your red button. Travel with the elevator upward.

Chapter 3

On the way after Ix you always go to the path toward the south along. Explores the Dungeon, defeats the Trolle and goes for the output of the cave (green point in the picture on the right). Leave now the area of the knights and go into the dangerous forest. Follows the way - from time to time small inconspicuous secondary rooms with useful things are. Leave the settlement toward the north after ix. this time have the small side corridors it proverbially in itself: Both many opponents, and useful inventory are to be found in it. Speak with the attendant and you may occur. You meet the mayor, who tells immediately you that the Kobolde its Zepter robbed.

Before you make you on the way, can look at you you in all peace the city, your supplies fill up and your equipment repair let. Leave then the city toward the west. Goes to the cemetery. In the south of the cemetery is an elevator. Travel with it downward. Down arrived, you find you in the home of the Kobolde, from which it wimmelt here only in such a way.

Explored only once everything thoroughly. There is here a locked door (blue-yellow point), for which you need a code (blue point). Goes then through the hole in the soil (green point). If their it created the Kobolde to destroy, leave the happening toward the west by the wood gate. In the three crates you find all important things. If it the code and the Zepter have, continues to go into the space with the many barrels. Kills the two scorpios and speak with the halfdecayed Kalen, which has to tell you some, before the Untoten interrupts the mourning roughly.

Travel with the elevator upward. In the space with the obelisk in the center must go to it to the west and kill the skeleton knights behind the lattices there. Can arrive to it at them, by it the broken lattices smash. For reward receive to it the golden code. Leave the space again, since now the gate can open it. Travel with the elevator upward. Leave the cemetery and go back to the city. The Zepter goes to the house of the Mayors (city centre) and returns to it. Now go you you to the Captain in the south of the city.

Chapter 4

Following, you make you for the advice of the Captains downward on the way to the Katakomben and drive with the elevator. In the Katakomben cannot run you you, therefore only once the area explores and gets you a few useful things from the grave chambers, before you dare the descent into a lower level (hole in the soil, green point). Tap: In some grave chambers secret robbers hide themselves.

In the next floor you complete the skeleton knights and branch by the next hole. Again a floor more deeply must you only with the elevator highly drive. In the next stick it is worthwhile itself to lure the skeleton knights on the grillspiess and to press then the red switch. Take you in eight before the remarkable base plates: **time-out** if it over it drueber run, it of a enormous fist kill. It is worthwhile itself however to let its enemies grope over this trap in the Verdeben. In order to open the locked door with the three coffins, must press you the red switch.

**time-out** in next space expect you Hecubah, whose servant it kill must. That should not represent a large problem, to it must you only before its spells in eight take. If their created it, it goes through the next hole. This floor seems to be already somewhat larger, is just as easy however to master as the others. You must only the silver code behind a lattice seize (green point) and thus the gate behind the trap unlock (yellow point). Take then the golden code and go back to the locked gate (green point). The many Untoten, which meet you, can complete you well with your hobby Griller.

If it arrived here, threw either an asterisk against the red switch or run with a good timing at the jets past. The barbarian guard you, by remaining patient and remaining continuous in motion, kill speak run.
Continues, it gives like in each case a way. If it with the fragile soil fall down, uses the lower elevator over again to come up. Arrived above, run the long course along and past at the traps. The flame wall skips and kills the guardian of the souls with the Berserkerspruch.

Chapter 5

Run on direct way after Brin. Take you before the Ogern in eight: With their axes they strike almost everything small. You again in the half destroyed city Brin strengthens and leaves these to the west. Run the waldweg along, then by the small Dungeon, the battle way of the Oger along, until the Ogerdorf found it. Enter however not the main entrance, but the cave, which is situated in the north with the Ogerdorf. Go you by the hole into the background, where must follow it only the way. In order to move the felsbloecke, presses the red button and passes through then. and use the two red switches in the individual spaces (green points) follow the way, in order to open the two gates. Goes into the space with the six elevators. Travel down and presses the red button: Thus the two locked stone blocks open a floor over you.

Past at the cells, drive you with the elevator upward and find you in the middle in the Ogerdorf. **time-out** here wimmelt it only in such a way of Ogern - thus show, what it drauf have. In order to arrive into the larger area of the Ogerdorfes, you need the sapphire key, which you get, if it the Ogerkoenig kill (blue point; simply by the lattice access). Presses the switch on the green marked point, in order to free the women. The main gate can open you with the switch at the yellow point. Subsequently, must you the holden women reliably after Brin geleiten.

Chapter 6

Directly the matter already, there hell goes to ix. it notices is. Strengthens you for the march to the fortress of Horrendus. Follows in each case the main street, until you come into the fortress. On your journey can you ever more krieger on your page pull.
Within the fortress you go upward the broad stairs (green point). **time-out** in the next floor must you all chest in the space check, because in such a way find you the code, with which it the lock door open can. **time-out** in the so far not accessible premises be the code find, with which it the large lock gate open can.
If you see, how Horrendus died, its Hecubah follows naturally. To the fall it goes past at the blue wall with the elevator downward. In one of the three tons before the locked door is the silver key, which you absolutely need. If their created it to kill the servant of Hecubah receive its Horrendus Hellebarde.

Chapter 7

Follows the cowardly Daniel, which you attacked. The guard wants to put you for it into the prison. Opposes you it: Kills it, and to it receive the gold key. In the space of the guard (southwest) you go through the back door and release Morgan, which gives you to the thanks the key to the tower of the illusion.

In the tower it wimmelt only in such a way from Magiern. Those are heavy opponents, therefore are to be opened on the hat around the locked gate (green point), needs it the ruby key (yellow point).

In the next floor you absolutely need the silver key, which you find in one of the lower spaces. Opens thereby the locked gate fights for for you the way by the Magier library and goes through the gate. At the lighting up jets you go past, by going into the secondary room directly before the jets and at the wall presses the hidden switch.
Explores the area and uses the Teleporter, which leads you to a new, much smaller level. Used here again the Teleporter. Now you find you again on a long-known floor with the small let us differentiate that you come out in a new space (museum).

Go you (if their it survives) to the stairs, which lead to a higher floor (green point). Here will it really haarig and you must your ability so correctly times to the test put. If their it creates to press the three red levers arrived at those you with the Teleportern, open the large lattice in the center and you can use the central Teleporter. Uses the lower Teleporter and opens the crate in the following space.
With the gold key, which is in the crate, can open the middle gate for it. Used now and the crate in the following space opens the upper Teleporter. With the sapphire key, which is in the crate, can unlock the second middle gate to it.

On the fifth floor there is only a correct way, which one must go, and leads by the locked door (green point). In the chest at the yellow marked point you find the ruby key.
Now it goes to the sixth and last floor, which hearts of Nox. after it the two Magier killed, must it the deadly points overcome. You need much, very good timing and it must it understand branch, then have you a chance. The remaining checks should not be difficult ao. The next two Magier completed you, you need the ruby key, which is to be found behind a hidden wall. Now must shift to it the crates onto the square fields and already have you the heart of Nox.

Chapter 8

Goes to Aldwyn (western of Ix), it gives you the key to the temple. Goes through the tunnel, then into the temple walls and the temple down. Must away-shift the large round felsbrocken before you to it. Watches out, under rock emerge again and again holes. Fall you in one of these holes, must you (in the floor under it) the walls in the small chambers smash, in order to come with elevator again upward.
Their created it, goes into the left gate branches over the arrow traps. Kills the bats and passes to the case of arrow in the next space. Take the golden code and go through the small gate behind the code. Down arrived, run simply the way along. Take you in eight before again and again the appearing creatures in the small portals. Travel with the elevator upward. You come again to the place from a while ago, take now however the other door. Shifts the stone away and watches out again for the holes.
Take you before the Beholdern in eight! Now again a stone comes to rolls away and a space with holes in the soil. Their created it, goes through the square hole in the soil. There is only a correct way and leads up to a wall from three stone blocks. Presses the lever at the soil.

Over the fire wall can branch their more drueber. Now you come into the eklige sump cave. Go you immediately through and avoid the green Schleimbeutel. Explores the secondary rooms and goes then into the space with the many crates. In a crate the silver key is, in the others is either something useful or a monster. The far way goes through the gate and follows. Watches out for the green fire balls of the runes. Crosses the bridges, until you achieve the actual temple. Now must work satisfactorily you you against the two Steingolems. Their created it, then the Hellebarde unites with the Bestie. Travel with the elevator upward. Crosses the gate (red lever) and returns to the Captain.

Chapter 9

In this level cannot run you you. There are some side corridors, these leads however mostly again on the correct way or to a dead end.
Twice have you the possibility with an elevator to down-drive, this is worthwhile oneself however hardly. With the first descent receive to it a strong metal helmet and powerful throw asterisks, with second the one heal-climb and a scroll. If the whole sump crossed it, you achieve the gates of Mordwyn. Speak with Mordwyn in the hut.

Leave Mordwyn by the gate west of its hut. Caution, it lauern everywhere collapse dangers (red points). If you fall down, must fight for you the way in each case for it by a small Dungeon, which leads either to an old grave chamber or to a Ogerdorf. This is the way, which should go to it.

If you achieve the next Ogerdorf, must you with the elevator in the large hut downward drive there. Explores the Ogerverliess and leaves it then by the space with the prick soil. Presses the switch at the wall and a Oger appears, which possesses the silver key, with which it the locked door open can. With good timing their it creates past at the obstacles. If the treasure of the Oger want to find it, must you with the elevator downward drive, otherwise it continues to go into the new Dungeon. Always follows the artery. Shifts the large stone to the page (note: After it a fragile soil comes briefly) and goes then through the hole in the soil.

The gate with the lever in the secondary room opens and follows to the way it comes to a large area with fragile soil, where you calmed down down can let it fall. If by three levels fell it, their it for the time being created. Take the ruby key and continue. In the chambers with the monsters must press you into the red button and then upward drive. With the next elevator drive you upward. In a secondary room meet you a dealer.

Raus from the cave and enters the winter landscape follows the way. If her the poor man help, it will serve you. Soon must fight to it against a horde/hurdle of Hecubahs servants. It defeated you, you turn you toward the west. Strengthens you again with the dealer, before you go into the temple.

Chapter 10

Goes the course along up to the large hall. Watches out, because it is fragile in some places. You fall down, must to it you by a course with loud Untoten through fight, before it upward with the elevator drive and in a space land, in which a wall the hidden output form. In the large hall take to it the right upper door. The next door is blocked: You must one of the mechanisms, with which the skeleton knights were, operate that, with which after the activation no arrows emerge. Continues and presses the lever at the end of the course. The same makes it now with the left upper door. Thereupon the three large stones in the hall move. Follows to the way. The two red switches press and continue.

Descends to the left the course along and the stairs. If Dracula defeats and take the ruby key, goes into the door designated for it. Shifts the stone onto the square field. Goes now to right course along and uses the Teleporter. If you come into a space with two Teleportern (repeats itself apparently several times), does not use that, with which you came, again. You land into a space with only a Teleporter, use this again. Some spaces have no Teleporter, here contain the walls hidden doors! Mirror-image moose repeats you so for a long time, to it into a space arrived with a crate on a yellow field.

Take the gold key from the crate and use the Teleporter, which is on the other page of the secret door behind the crate. Goes into the space for the gold key and shifts also here the rock. Now the red levers go, in order to come further in the new space through the stair gate, afterwards through the wall and press. Follows the way and drive then with the elevator upward.
After it arrived above, presses the disks and the stones shift. If the next disk pressed it, can run you down at the stones past. Cheats with the disks around until through a narrow course can go to it.

Defeats the combat robot. Threw the boomerang, which is situated in the coffin, on the red button (red point) and go then into the course to the ruby key. Power now the same on the other page, in order the sapphire key too receive (red button, labyrinth). Presses the lever (on the left of above) and goes the stairs up (on the top right). On the right of and left from the light beams are doors, which lead you after a hard fight to the blue and red Goetzen code. These must insert you before the light beams into their workstations and further geht's. The two red switches press, in order to rise level more highly. At the light beams you go past only with good timing: to them out are and take then the legs wait into the hand. A heavy fight against Magier follows. Travel after it with the elevator downward.

If the Oberguru with the green staff defeated it, can continue you. With the many light beams it becomes difficult. Fights to you the way forward to the jets hides you behind the blue walls. It is best, if you switch the jets off in in the picture on the left of indicated order. Then the two switches beside, the blue wall which was situated north press. Receive somewhat far your new superweapon and clear for you thereby the way to Hecubah. You follow in the Teleporter.

Chapter 11

The final fight against Hecubah follows. Best stop you you always in the center, directly at the loading columns for the staff of the oblivion. Hecubah will up-cross again and again here. You should use the Teleporter, which lead you to the life energy. All four welfare watering places used you, must you again in the center and the four fields activate, then always new welfare watering place appears. Now their only perseverance, ability and luck needs and already their it created.