RPG by Piranha Bytes

A guide by Lu Richardson

("Paladin" version)

The game:

I thought Gothic was one of the best RPGs I had ever played, so Gothic 2 came 
as the answer to a prayer.  Having enjoyed the first product so much I feared 
the second would be "improved" beyond recognition.  Not so.  To my joy (and to 
everyone else's who has played Gothic) this is simply more of the same, of 
which we cannot get enough.  The same realistic world, the same excellent 
graphics and simple interface, the same sort of logical and interesting 
plot... only bigger.  And you get to play the whole thing in three slightly 
different ways.  At the price of the game, you get tremendous value for your 
money:  hours and hours of superb entertainment.  One can hardly hope that 
there will be a Gothic III.  This would be just too good to be true.

General tips:

I will assume you will have read the manual cover to cover and will know all 
about the game before you even start.  Even though the manual takes you 
through the start (the "spoiler") I would like to give you more details.  I 
will pick you up at the Tower's door when you are loaded down with everything 
you took, including the kitchen sink, and with your Heavy Branch already 
equipped (TAB for inventory, put the cursor on the weapon with the correct 
arrow key, press CTRL).

Before we go on, the general rule is that you will talk to everyone you meet 
with a name label; and when I say "talk" to someone, I mean use every line.  
If you need to say or not to say something specific to anyone, I'll let you 

I will take it for granted that you will look carefully about you and pick up 
anything you can and that you will also take whatever people/animals carry 
after you've killed them.  Examine item new to you to find out what it is.

At all times, explore to your heart's content.  There are many caves around 
which contain all manner of interesting and dangerous things.

Combat is the most difficult part of the game.  The beasts just love to get 
behind you and gnaw the seat of your pants while you while are fighting for 
your life against one of their number.  You have to try and get your back 
against a wall, a tree, whatever - or, with a bit of luck, find a narrow 
doorway.  Short-range, I found that pressing CTRL and alternatively left arrow 
and right arrow I did quite a lot of damage while preventing the nasties 
getting quite so much at me.  Preferably, though, try and shoot them from a 
distance, backing away when they come too close.  

Learning points are hard to come by and pretty vital.  Don't waste them.  You 
need to use up 5 for skinning animals and 5 for lockpicking.  The rest should 
be distributed between strength, dexterity and mana.  As to weapons, try to 
stick to learning two-handed swords and crossbows as far as you can.

There are oodles of side-quests designed to give you gold and experience, but 
since it would take for ever to write them all up I will only mention the 
necessary ones.  The rest is up to you.

As you are aware, you can join three different groups of people; this solution 
is for a citizen/paladin since it will be the easiest way to complete the game 
the first time around.  You can later play it again and join another group and 
see what happens.

Finally, it will be make your life easier towards the end of the game if you 
hang on to the following items when you find them:  5 lab water bottles, 3 
swampweed, 1 holy water vial.

Well, here we go.


The Path

Leaving the Tower, follow the road towards the city and, without deviating too 
much from the path, take all you can find - keep your eyes peeled.  You are 
going to need a lot of gold and that means selling surplus items.  Ignore the 

The first thing that happens is that you get attacked by a goblin.  It should 
be easy to kill.  As the manual says, he is defending a cave - save your game, 
turn to your left to the waterfalls and go down towards them, then right.  
You'll find a little complex of caverns and a few goblins and goods (when you 
kill the goblins, search their bodies:  CTRL, then CTRL to get what they are 
carrying singly.  If there are multiple items, ALT will let you get them all 
at once).  If you find you can't cope with this fight yet, reload and come 
back later.

You'll next be attacked by a wolf along the road, get the meat on it.  Carry 
on and you will come to a goblin encampment, fight them all and search for 
items.  If you go through the rocky arch behind the camp you'll find more 

Carry on along the path and you'll come to a Bandit.  You could give him a 
wide berth or you could save your game and have a go.  First talk to him and 
say "Later".  He will attack you.  Once you've knocked him down, rob him and 
examine what you have.  Now, if you are fit (you could always go and rest at 
the Tower), go up the stairs and dispatch the other two bandits (robbing them 
- remember their weapons roll away from them).  In a chest, you will find a 
bow and arrows which will be handy.  Examine all you have and read the 
message, equip the bow.  From here on, if you want to use the bow to fight 
you'll have to press 2; 1 will ready whatever other hand weapon you have. 

Continue along the path and you'll come to a statue.  Don't rob it.  Donating 
100 gp at these statues gets you permanent mana or hit points.  The problem is 
cash, of course, and at first you have to conserve it.

Further on you will find Canthar sitting on a bench at a T-junction (there is 
a scroll by the cart nearby).  Talk to him but don't take the paper.  Instead, 
trade with him and turn everything you don't need into gold pieces.  Go along 
the path in front of him and when you spy a man surrounded by sheep to your 
right, go talk to him.

Use all the lines - if you killed the bandits you get experience points.  He 
gives you a hint as to how to get into the city.  Go to Lobart up the road and 
to the left; talk to him and don't commit yourself at first, ask for work and 
agree to pick the turnips, they are on a field to your right.  Go pick them 
all up and take them to Lobart, then buy the togs he offers at a discount.

Go into the house, find the chest in the bedroom, get the clothes (and nothing 
else).  Bring up your inventory with TAB, put the cursor on them and press 
CTRL.  You'll wear the clothes.  Now go to Hilda and give her the turnips.  If 
you want to earn more experience points agree to fetch her the pan.  Run to 
Canthar, trade and buy the pan, take it back to Hilda.  Ask her for food and 
she will give it to you.

Now you can get back to the path to the City.  If it's getting dark, use a bed 
in Lobart's barn to sleep.  At the start of the new day, get to the City.

How to become a Citizen

At the gates of the town you will be challenged by the guards - say you have 
to go to the Smithy.  Once inside, talk to Lothar and get all the info he has. 
 When he goes, you will see in front of you two shops, one to the left and one 
to the right.  First, talk to Rupert at the stand on your left.  Get all the 
info, and trade if you have things for sale.  Now go to the shop on the right 
and talk to Bosper.  You want to be his apprentice.  He'll tell you about 
Bartok.  Get all his info and learn to skin animals (you should have some 
learning points to spend by now, you'll need 5 in this instance).

Leave the shop and go across to the other one and talk to Matteo.  Keep 
talking to him till he tells you about Gritta.  Agree to help.  Don't buy the 
armour until you are sure you have the cash to spare; you are going to need a 
lot of gold for other things right now.

Leave the shop and talk to Regis.  On, talk to Thorben:  he asks you to get a 
blessing from two priests.  Don't mention Gritta.  Go on towards the Smithy 
and Pablo will speak to you - pretend everything is fine.  When he goes, you 
will see Harad the smith ahead of you.  I would advise you not to talk to him 
for the moment.

Turn to your left and head towards the Harbour.  In the first house to the 
left there is a moneylender.  Continue towards the Harbour.  At the last 
buildings, you will see the Red Lantern on your left (don't do anything about 
it yet) and on your right you will see the Pegleg tavern.  Here Moe will try 
to bully you; refuse to give him gold, fight him, rob him while he is out and 
when he comes to, question him.  Inside the tavern, Kardif will give you info 
for gold.

Outside the tavern turn right and find Brahim sitting on a bench outside his 
hut.  Buy the two maps from him.  It will be worthwhile visiting him later on. 
 Continue right and talk to Garvell.  Further on there is a Warehouse, don't 
bother to go in yet.

Now turn around and follow the edge of the harbour and talk to Jack and to 
Lares, but don't follow him to the farm (you do this only if you want to 
become a Mercenary).  When you've done, go back to the Smithy.

Face it and turn to your right and you will see an archway to your left and a 
house to the right.  Go into the house and talk to Gritta; be firm with her 
and threaten to sell her stuff.  She will give you the money she owes Matteo. 
 Leave the house and enter the archway.  A door on your left:  pop in and talk 
to Constantino.  Say you want to join another master and he will raise no 
objection.  Leave and come out of the archway.

To the left there is a tavern you needn't enter yet and to the right you will 
see the Temple.  Talk to Vatras and ask for a blessing, then answer the truth 
to all his questions.  You get the blessing.  You needn't give a donation, 
save your gold.

Turn your back on Vatras and go to your right past the tavern.  You'll come to 
some free beer and Bartok (don't talk to him yet).  Ply with beer the guy on 
his right while getting his info.  It is probably nearly night time by now, so 
just turn to your right and along here to the Hotel.  In, talk to Hanna and 
ask for a room.  Go upstairs, find a free bed and sleep till morning.  When 
you go out of the hotel, turn right and go towards the gate.  Canthar will 
make you an improper proposition - there are several possibilities here.  The 
man is a positive pest; if you ignore him or agree to what he says but go 
instead to Andre (up the stairs near here and to the left) and have him 
arrested, he's going to give you grief.  I have a feeling it doesn't really 
matter what you do.  At any rate, by the gate, talk to Daron and get his 
blessing, i.e., pay up.  Don't ask about the Monastery since you only do that 
if you want to become a magician.

Now turn around and go find Bartok.  Talk to him (don't learn anything from 
him) and ask him to take you hunting; you'll have to pay for the privilege.  
Follow him out of the city gates but save your game.  He will kill the 
beasties as he goes along and you will get the experience:  watch his health 
bar, though, and help him (preferably with a bow) without hurting him.  With a 
bit of luck he will kill six wolves, which you must skin.  At some point he 
will ask you if you want to continue.  If he is fit, carry on helping him as 
before - if his health bar is looking dodgy, vote for going back to town.  
After all, you have your six skins - if you have only five, you'll find 
another wolf on the other side of the path to the city.

Once inside, go to Thorben and ask for his approval, then go to Matteo and 
give him his gold, asking for his help.  Finally, go to Bosper and talk about 
wolf skins.  Say you want to become his apprentice.  You are in.  Continue 
talking to him to get all the information.

Right, before we go any further, there are a couple of things we have to do.  
First of all, make sure you have at least 15 learning points to use.  If you 
don't, either go out of the city and find small creatures to kill or start 
doing jobs for people to get gold + experience.

For instance:

Alwin (the fellow with all the sheep) wants you to stop Fellan making a 
racket.  He lives around the corner, get tough with him, knock him out and rob 
him, wait till he comes around and threaten to beat him again if he doesn't 
leave off.  Then go to Alwin for your reward.

Alrik (behind the warehouse) wants his sword back.  (You can fight him first 
to get 50 g by beating him but don't rob him while he is out).  Go to Jora in 
the Marketplace and buy the sword back (take it to Alrik afterwards).

Jora has been robbed and wants his money back.  Talk to Rengaru (standing by 
Canthar) and he will run off.  Follow him and talk to him.  After you get the 
purse you can either have him arrested or take pity on him.  I have a feeling 
being kind to him and other malefactors has to do with joining the Thieves' 
Guild, a locked door to which is to be found at the Hotel before the stairs.  
Have him arrested and return the gold to Jora.

Go to Regis, get behind him and go around the back of the shop to the left.  
Keep going past Carl the smith and, in the last house, you will meet Ignaz.  
He wants you to test out a spell.  Agree.  What I did was to go to the tavern 
next to the Temple and was lucky enough to find Coragon the landlord on his 
own (if not, wait till he is).  Save.  TAB, put the cursor on the spell, press 
CTRL.  You will notice a number 4 appears on the spell icon.  OK, knock 
Coragon down and, while he is out (you can rob him) press the number 4 key and 
CTRL + arrow up to cast the spell on him.  Wait for him to come to and trade 
with him.  He should not remember a thing.  Go back to Ignaz for some 
experience.  Don't waste your learning points on him just yet.

If you have 15 learning points, talk to Carl and use 10 on strength - this 
will make fighting a lot easier.  Next go to Thorben and spend 5 lp on picking 

Joining the Militia

I think that before we go to the upper part of town it would be a good idea to 
join the Militia.  You need to go to the Marketplace and up the stairs.

Speak to Andre and ask about paladins, join the Militia.  Ask for a weapon and 
you will be told to find Peck, ask also for an assignment.  At the end, don't 
put on your uniform yet.  Talk to everyone around, particulary Mortis.  Now go 
to the Red Lantern and go upstairs to find Peck.  Talk to him and persuade him 
to go back.  Go to the Warehouse and upstairs.  Talk to the guard and kill 
him.  Search his body for a key and open a couple of chests on this floor, 
you'll find the package.

Back to Andre, talk to him about Peck but don't say you found him at the Red 
Lantern.  Hand over the package of weed and ask for your next assignment.  You 
can now go to the armoury where you will find Peck, talk to him and get a 
sword; talk to Mortis again.

Now go to town to the Pegleg tavern and pay Kardif to tell you about the weed. 
 Go to Meldor, who stands in front of the moneylender's house and talk to him.

Go to the Red Lantern, go in, talk to Bromor and hire Nadjia.  Follow her 
upstairs and ask about the weed.  She'll tell you to talk to Borka.  You can 
also have "fun" if you want.  Afterwards go to Borka and talk to him but don't 
mention Nadjia.  Buy some weed from him and then report to Andre.  Get your 
final assignment from him, for which you will have to go to Lobart and fight 
the nasties in the fields in front of him and to his right.  Make sure you 
kill them all and then go talk to Lobart.  Go back to Andre to report.  I hope 
you have had all the info he could give.

Right, now you can don your uniform and go to the upper part of town, if you 
remember, up the stairs by the S gates.  Have a look around here and talk to 
people, but you need to speak to Lord Hagen at the big building with the 
banner on the top.  Get all the information he has and before you know it, 


Finish talking to Hagen.  You can now leave these quarters and go to the E 
gates of the city, at the Marketplace.  As you come out, talk to Mika and give 
him 10 gp.  We have a little bit of unfinished business, so go left to the 
Lighthouse.  You will be attacked by bandits and, if you can't cope, lead them 
to the City Guards by the gate, who will deal with them.  Back to the 
Lighthouse and go inside - if there are any more bandits in there, you know 
what to do.  Go all the way upstairs and get the goods you'll find there and 
then leave the Lighthouse.  In your forays around you might see some blood 
stains.  Don't follow them all the way to the cave because there is a very 
nasty shadowbeast there.

Go back into town, talk to Jack and to Garvell for more experience points.  
You can buy a new map, too.  Before you venture forth, now is the time to sell 
your surplus goods, buy what you need (make sure you have plenty of arrows) 
and to use your learning points in any way you like.  Learning dexterity from 
Lares would be a good move (10 lp); you also need to learn the bow, crossbow, 
one-handed and two-handed weapons, plus you require oodles of strength.  So 
I'll leave you to take the decision.  Press B and see how many experience 
points you need for the next level:  if not many, it might be worth your while 
to go out and pick some more fights.

When you are as ready as you are ever going to be, go out of the E gates.  By 
the way, if it is getting dark, sleep at the Hotel.  Never get caught in the 
dark outside the city if you can help it.

The Way to the Pass

Look at your map:  you need to go to the S centre of the map, where there is a 
lake.  Keep checking your map so that you don't get lost.  Things are going to 
get pretty tough along the way so save often and don't rush into situations.  
Use your bow and fight from a distance whenever you can, backing away if 
necessary.  Now would also be a good moment to equip all your magic scrolls, 
remembering which number is which.  For instance, if Light is in slot 4 and 
Fireball is in slot 5, you don't want to press the wrong number when you are 
up to your neck in trouble.

On the march along the way, check out the scene of a fight where there is a 
cart.  There are lots of items here.  Up some stairs there is a farm (look at 
the map) where Akil is talking to some people.  Talk to Kati and she will ask 
you for help.  Pick on one of the two mercenaries making very sure you don't 
hurt anyone else - the other people will tackle the other guy.  At the end, 
talk to Akil and refuse any reward.  Talk to Randolph.

Down the stairs and on to the Tavern, go in and talk to Rukhar.  Bet on 
someone else (Randolph).  Talk to the landlord and hire a room for a week.  Go 
up and sleep till midnight.  Come down and, if Rukhar is outside, open the 
chest, take the gin and put in a bottle of water (if you don't have one there 
are three in the unlocked room upstairs).  Now go to sleep till morning, go 
back to Randolph and give him some money so that he can challenge Rukhar.  Go 
to the tavern but leave them to it for now.

Continue past the tavern and, at the crossroads, follow the sign to "The Pass" 
and later the one to "The Prison Colony".  In front of the entrance to the 
valley, by the lake, you will meet Gaan.  Talk to him.  Then talk to the 
guards and go through the door.  Take the path to the left and go through the 
cave and several rats and, at the other side, go over the bridge and again 
through the cave.

The Colony Revisited

Save as soon as you are through.  I hope you are ready for this.  Those who 
played Gothic will recognize where they are and feel entirely at home.  Those 
of you didn't need to go left and follow the path downwards under the wooden 
bridge.  Soon you'll witness a terrible sight.  Onwards, you will meet Jergan, 
talk to him.

Go down the path and to the left so that you are below Jergan.  Swim to the 
long sandbank and kill the lurkers.  Walk to the other end of this strip of 
sand, killing any others, and jump into the river; follow it to the right, 
keeping a watchful eye on lurkers - if they start swimming towards you, get to 
land to kill them.  You should swim under two wooden bridges and, after the 
second one, look for a bit of flat land on your right.  Climb out and, if you 
move forward, you should see in the distance, in front of you, a broken siege 
machine against the Castle's walls.  Run to it dodging the orcs and climb onto 
the wooden beam that reaches the top of the wall.  The orcs won't follow you. 
 At the end of the beam you'll have to ALT + arrow up a couple of times to 
clamber inside.

Start talking to everybody and exploring around, reading books, picking up the 
odd stray item, etc.  You know what to do.  Your main tasks here, apart from 
meeting Garond, is to find your old mates.  You will find Milten in one of the 
buildings, speak to him.  (Upstairs in this building you will find a rune for 
getting back here, get it.)  Be sure you speak to Parcival and Oric.  When you 
speak to Garond ask him to free Gorn and pay up.  If you don't have the money 
you'll have to go around opening chests and selling surplus items to Tandor or 
Engor.  To open the locked chests save first to a file called Chests, try CTRL 
+ arrow left or arrow right till they open and write down the correct 
combination.  Then reload and do it for real.  Go to Gerold at the other end 
of the castle and talk to him.  Go in and free Gorn (use the switch by his 
door), you'll agree to meet at Milten's.  Go there and wait for him, then talk 
to them both.

When you've done everything you could here, go back to the broken siege 
machine.  Study the map Garond gave you and note the position of the mines.  
Save your game here and don't overwrite it because sometimes there is a bug 
that does not allow you to see the mines marked on the map once you are on 
your way.  If you can't remember where they are when you are miles away you'll 
have to save there and reload this game.  

To the Mines

Scramble down the beam as before and, dodging the orcs run straight on and 
into the river.  Go right and swim to a low bridge.  Here you will have to 
land to the right and follow the path and, with the minimum of diversions, get 
to a crossroads.  Examine your map and take the middle road.  Along here, on 
your left you will see some wooden walls.  Enter the mine and you'll find 
everyone dead, also some minecrawlers.  Fight them from narrow doorways and 
don't let them get behind you.  Explore the mines and you will find Silvestro 
in the last cave.  Get his belongings and read his note.  Thank goodness, 
Diego is OK, even if we don't know where he is.

Leave:  you can turn left and follow the path to the Tower.  Just get right to 
the top avoiding side rooms and get the rune and the scrolls.  The skeleton 
goblins are a minor bother.  Go back to the mine and this time follow the path 
towards the left till you come to some snappers and the other mine.  Talk to 
everyone; find out about Diego from Jergan.  Fajeth will ask you to kill all 
the snappers.  Don't argue and do so.  Some are in front of the mine, some 
above.  When you've killed them all go to Fajeth.

To find Diego, look at your map.  Between the big tower and the castle you 
will see a horseshoe-shaped structure.  Take the path to it and you will find 
Diego in there.  Talk to him.  Make for the river and the next mine.

This time follow the river all the way north (dodging orcs and killing 
lurkers) till you come to a waterfall.  Actually, you can go under this 
waterfall to find a lurker and some items.  If you don't want to go in, turn 
to your right and get out of the river, you will see the mine tower in front 
of you.  Go in and talk to Grimes.  To follow Marcos, go back to the river and 
cross the wooden bridge.  You will meet a variety of challenges on the way but 
you will eventually come to a derelict building with lots of rats.  Behind it, 
in a cave, you will find Marcos.  Talk to him.

Equip the rune for getting back to the Castle, cast the spell and go report to 

Get back to the Pass.  As you go through, it will be...


When you get to the gate you will meet a seeker; crowd him and kill him.  
Outside the gate you will see the two knights dead.  Collect what they are 
carrying, particularly the rune.  Further on you meet Lester, who gives you 
another rune and requests that you visit Xardas.  Do so and talk to him.

Head to town avoiding the seekers like the plague.  When you get into the 
upper quarters, talk to Fernando and to Hagen.  Report and ask to join their 
order.  Go back down the stairs and talk to Diego.  Agree to help him - let's 
get that out of the way.  Use the rune to get back to the pass, go into the 
newworld.  If you have one of those potions which make run like the wind, use 
it now.  Run to your right dodging orcs till you get to the pond, the satchel 
is on the left side of it.  Grab it and run back to the pass.  Use the rune to 
get to the harbour town and give Diego his money.  He will ask you to take a 
letter to Gerbrandt in the upper quarter.  Do so and then come back to Diego 
for experience points.  Go to see Bosper and unload your surplus.  Go to Lares 
and ask for news, he'll tell you about Bennet.  Go to Andre and ask to see 
Bennet; go to his right, talk to the gaoler and then use the switch by the 
door to two prisoners.  Talk to Bennet. Leave him locked up.

Go to Hagen and speak to him about Bennet.  When you have all the info, go 
upstairs and confront Cornelius.  Keep talking to him till you say "I don't 
believe you".  Ask him what he wants and cough up the money.  Go to Hagen and 
show him the proof.  He frees Bennet and allows you to become a paladin.  Talk 
to Albretch to get a fine rune.  

Back to town, visit Vatras at the temple (he gives you a message to carry) 
then head for the harbour, talk to Pablo, buy a very old map from Brahim, talk 
to Andr? and finally Canther.  Pay what he wants for a bit of peace.

The Eye of Innos

Leave town by the E gate and, avoiding seekers, go to the tavern to see about 
the contest.  Talk to everyone involved.  If it's getting late, sleep at the 
tavern.  Go out and look at your map:  the monastery is the reddish building 
around the centre of the map.  Get there.  Before you arrive, on your left, 
you will see Isgaroth, give him Vatras's message.  Continue and, at the 
bridge, you will meet Jorgen.  Talk to him.

Cross the bridge and speak to Milten, who will give you the key to the 
monastery.  In, don't go into the church yet, go everywhere and talk to 
everyone and get all the info.  To help Babo, buy his papers from Igarz and 
give them to him.

Enter the church and tall to the three guys.  Out, talk to Jorgen and jump 
into the water.  You need to get under the rocky arch and swim to the NE. 

When you see a tramp at a bend, get out of the water and talk to him.  Go 
upwards here and across the bridge.  Soon you'll come to a faint branch of the 
path, keep left and follow the trail of dead bodies.  Eventually you will see 
a camp, go and talk to Grimbald and help him with the snappers.  Then ask him 
about the missing novice.  He'll tell you about a rocky arch.  Look at the 
map.  You will see a troll cave marked (go in and have a go, if you like), but 
you need to follow the path to the SW, to the circle of stones.  Go through 
the SW arch and you will meet some tramps who want to kill you.  Kill them 
instead and keep going to the circle of stones.  There you will learn that the 
Eye of Innos has been broken.  Fight all the seekers, find Dragomir's crossbow 
(he is off a road parallel to the one to the Monastery) and teleport back to 
the monastery.

Speak to Pyrokar and he will send you to Vatras.  Go to town and speak to him. 
 Get a load of everything he has to tell you.  While you are here, buy a magic 
sword from Harad, buy the book the guy from the Library wanted from Zuris at 
the Marketplace, talk to Lares about Bennet (he suggests you go visit him).  
Do whatever else you need to do here and teleport to Pyrokar.  He will not 
work with Xardas.  If you have the necessary cash, consecrate your sword at 
the statue; do this as soon as you can.  Give the book to the guy who wanted 
it at the library and teleport to Xardas.  Talk to him twice.  The proof you 
are going to need is in Sekob's farm.

So follow signposts to the Landlord - Sekob's farm is to the N of the big 
fields you will see on the map.  Talk to Sekob and he'll ask you to get the 
seekers out of his house.  Go in and kill all four and retrieve Xardas goods 
from the chest.  Speak to Sekob.

While you are here, and if you don't have the 3 swampweed you need, go and 
visit Sagitta who lives in a cave N and slightly E of Sekob's farm, near one 
of those statues you have to purify - you know, you kneel in front of the 
statue first.

Go to the Landlord's farm and speak to Bennet.  Not only he will give you a 
gift but he can also mend jewelry, which is handy.  Get him to repair the 
setting of the Eye.

Finally, teleport to Pyrokar and give him Xardas' book.  Now all you have to 
do is go to the stone circle again.

If you are short of cash and try to make a detour to the temple to the NE 
where the path branches, as marked in the very old map, be on the look out for 
a troll.  Actually, there isn't that much treasure.  There is a little more in 
some caverns to the NE of the main temple, but don't even think of going in 

Anyway, watch what happens at the stone circle.  Before you continue, make 
sure you have at least 5 lab water flasks.  If you don't have them you can buy 
them from Ignaz at the town.  


Teleport to the Pass and go into the oldworld, teleport to the Castle.  Speak 
to Garond and then to Oric.

Hosh-Pak is directly S of the castle.  Run down the beam of the siege machine: 
 before you actually jump off it, you might try a little exercise.  It would 
appear that the orcs in front of you cannot come up the beam, so you could try 
to shoot them all dead before you leave the safety of the beam.  At any rate, 
follow the path by the river towards your right.  Kill Hosh-Pak and any other 
shaman first, then deal with the other orcs.  Because they move around a lot I 
found shooting them easier, even if I caught the odd blow.

Teleport to the Castle and report to Garond, then talk to Oric.

The Dragon Hunt

You need to get to the swamp to the W of the city, but first make sure you are 
wearing the Eye of Innos.  Again, look at your map and get there as fast as 
you can.  Once there, take a few orcs/lizards at a time, don't rush in and, 
above all, don't get yourself surrounded.  The dragon is in the SW corner of 
the swamp.  Talk to him.  When you attack, come right up close to him and 
don't let him get away from you.  Once dead, click on it to collect his heart. 
 Check out the hoard nearby for cash and items.  Teleport to the Castle, use 
the alchemist table to recharge the Eye of Innos and be sure you are wearing 
it.  Report to Garond and talk to Oric.  This pattern is repeated for every 

Look at the map:  you next have to go to the reddish structure S of the 
castle, so get to the river as usual and swim S till you get to the low wooden 
bridge, then follow the path, not rushing and killing every enemy in your way, 
preferably from a distance.  Wear protection against fire and use ice magic 
against the fire golem.  Once you've done the bit with the dragon, you can 
clamber to his hoard if you look around for an accessible spot.  Again, 
teleport to the Castle and do as before.

Next go to the river and swim N/NW to the frozen area.  Swim to the waterfall 
as before, climb out to the right, cross the bridge.  The dragon is to the SW 
of this area.  Use fire magic against the ice golems.  You know the rest.

The last dragon is to the SE, in the Fortress.  Swim S past the low bridge and 
pick up the path on your left before the large waterfall streaming down on 
your right.  Follow the path to the Fortress dispatching enemies as you go.  
You can try lightning magic on the stone golems.  When you get to the first 
floor of the Fortress find ways of climbing higher and higher until you find 
the dragon at the top.  You know what to do.  Teleport to the Castle, recharge 
the Eye, report to Garond and do whatever you need to before going to the Pass 
and to the newworld.  As soon as you go through it's...


Teleport to Xardas and talk to Lester.  Read the note.  Teleport to the 
Monastery and talk to Pyrokar.  He gives you permission to get the book.  
Leave the church, go down to your cellars to the left.  If you found an egg in 
your travels, talk to Neoras and ask for the potion he is researching.  Out, 
find Talamon and he will let you go through.  Pick up the book and use it to 
read it, plus the note.  Look to your left and you will see in the far wall a 
bookshelf.  To the right of it, a lamp - use it to open the bookshelf.  Cast a 
light spell, go in and be prepared to fight skeletons.  Go generally right 
and, at the end, when you can see a larger chamber with a door and a pillar, 
stay this side of the pillar, ignore the skeletons and then run around next to 
the door to kill the spirit which is generating the skeletons.

Get through to the library and fight the demons.  Search their bodies - the 
Demon Lord has a useful spell on him.  With it you can summon demons to help 
you in a tight spot.  Read the books and collect what's on the table.  Examine 
all the items you've just picked up, specially the map.

Now you need to create a rune.  If you don't have the holy water, teleport to 
the town and buy it from Lutero (upper quarters, through archway to the left 
of the main building).  Take the opportunity to talk to Hagen.

Teleport back to the Monastery (avoid Milten just now), go to the library to 
the left there and use the rune table, use the rune to teleport and get the 
Paladin's armour (wear it).  Go to Pyrokar and, when you explain about the 
book, say you were lucky.  Ask about the Tears of Innos.  Leave and enter the 
room of consecration, use the statue to reconsecrate your sword and you will 
have the perfect weapon.

The ship

Now you need to recruit a captain and a crew (your old pals Milten, Lester, 
Gorn, Diego and Lares).  Go outside and talk to Milten, then go inside and 
talk to Jorgen.  Next, talk to Pyrokar - if you want to free Jorgen you'll 
have to teleport to Xardas' tower and clear it of demons from top to bottom.  
Go there, recruit Lester who is nearby, kill all the demons and teleport back 
to Pyrokar.  After you speak to him talk to Jorgen and he'll be off.  Teleport 
to town and go talk to Diego in the upper quarters, recruiting him.  If you 
haven't talked to Hagen before, do so now.

Find Lares and recruit him, too.  Leave town by the E gate and make for the 
Landlord farm.  You should meet a chatty orc, kill him and take his goods but 
don't wear his ring.  When you get to the farm enter the main building and go 
right.  There you will find Gorn, recruit him.  Teleport back to town.

Turn to the sea and go left following the seawall.  Under the arch, to the 
ship, up the ramp and bully the knights into letting you go on board.  As soon 
as you have done so (you can explore it if you want) go down the ramp again 
and to your left.  In the distance you will see the paladin Girion.  Talk to 
him and persuade him to come along.  Now go talk to Jorgen, who will be 
sitting by the ramp to the ship.  He will tell you to get yourself sorted out 
before you go on board.  Do so:  once on the ship, turn left, up the stairs, 
through the door and through another door.  The moment you enter the Captain's 
cabin it will be...


Turn around and talk to everybody on board before you continue.  Give the orc 
ring to Girion.  When you are ready, leave the boat.

Explore the caves killing everyone.  At the Troll guarding three rooms, go up 
the ramp to the left.  Kill all the orcs and search the Colonel.  You get a 
key.  Go down the ramp and through the arch, open the door to the left.  Talk 
to Pedro but don't kill him.  Rather, lead him back to the ship.  Once there, 
question him.  
Go back to the place where the colonel was and pull the left torch then the 
right one.  Go through.  You will come to a large chamber - this is going to 
be tough.  Be sure you are wearing the Eye of Innos.  Go to the right killing 
everybody and you will as you come around towards the entrance you will meet 
another dragon.  Talk to it and fight it with a bow or crossbow and running 
around.  At the end, get his heart.  Before you go you might like to pick up 
all the dragon eggs in the middle of the chamber, not that it will do you much 
good.  Go behind the dragon and shoot two switches high up either side of the 
chasm.  Just enter into combat with a bow or crossbow and shoot - you hit them 
automatically.  A bridge will appear.  Cross it and go to your right to kill 
the seeker.

You need to go up both towers either side of the bridge and pull a switch at 
the top of each.  Now continue to a passage with columns and go kill the 
seekers before you deal with the skeletons.  Up the stairs and to your left.  
Stand in the archway and kill the skeletons and Shadow Lord Archol.  Search 
him and, before you go through the door to the right, turn right around and 
open the door in front of you.  Use the Alchemist's bench to recharge the Eye 
of Innos.  Look around you.  Now continue through the door in the other room.

You'll come through another battle (though there is another handy archway) and 
then you will come to a round chamber with doors all around.  Start with the 
first on your left and get at the seeker for a key.  Go back up, open the next 
door and pull both switches then go back down and through.  In the last room 
look for switches to push which will bring up another switch in the middle of 
the room.  Turn that and go up and go to the room with the gears, watching out 
for Skeleton Mages along the way.  Pull the switches again and go to the next 
door.  Go on up and through and press the switches till another comes in the 
middle, turn it and leave.  Every time, look out for Skeleton Mages on the way 

You have to do this again, this time on the other side.  Open the middle door 
and pull the switches.  Go down the first door going down and press the switch 
in the far wall.  Two zombies will appear, fight them and push the two new 
switches.  Another switch will appear in the centre of the room, turn it, go 
and turn the gears again and go up the last room.  Here you must push the 
switches in the following order:  centre, left, right.  Once you turn the new 
switch, you can go back to the round chamber and push the four switches which 
will have appeared.

Another will appear.  Before you push this last one, get ready.  You might 
like to cast Summon Demon a couple of times before you actually push the 
switch so they can aid you when you go through; fight all the seekers and, at 
the other end of the room, talk to the Black Magician, kill him and collect 
his key.  Search the four side rooms and in one of them you will find a chest 
with the Eye of Power in it.  Take it and go to the door with the glowing 
eyes.  You have to "use" it as you would a statue, so move a bit till you are 
in the right position.  You will kneel and the door will open.

Go either side of the wall and up the stairs.  Wearing the Eye of Innos, are 
you?  Talk to the undead dragon.  When the fight begins, get right close to 
him and don't let up, chase him around and kill him.  Watch what happens.

You can get back to the dragon and get his Soul if you like, but then start 
back for the ship.  You will meet some of your pals on the way back, talk to 
them.  At the ship you'll have to fight the odd orc. Find the captain 
(asleep) and talking to him starts the last cut scene. Watch.  

This ends the Paladin version of the game. Watch the credits to the end, 
there is a nice little extra to see.