Episodes 1-2

by Private Moon Studios

Walkthrough by MaGtRo     November, 2003


This is an online game in 14 episodes that can only be bought and downloaded from The 'read me' file that contains the game manipulations is installed with the game and can be found in the Private Moon - Agon folder in your main drive.



Episode 1: London British Museum October 13, 1903


Professor's Hunt's Office:   

Watch the Professor enter his office. Click-hold, move cursor down and look close at newspaper on desk.

Read the newspaper. Read about the museum and about Dr. Tumblety.

Read the 2 page letter from Smythe. His phone number is 55-623.

Click on envelope. Read the letter from WK. Note the diagram. Click to look at the codex inserted in the envelope. Both letter and codex will be at F (Files).

I who has been given the chance to glance among the pages of truth have prepared to fight the evil, the demonic Black King and to bury all that which tempts all our lives when my mission comes to its end. I have no power left to plant the seeds of the unknown games and to look after their growth and spread, but it is my mission to find all those places where the last masters of the lost board games live, and to mark these places with a strange stone which shows the way. The families of the masters will forever conserve the knowledge and will wait for the day when a stranger fulfils what fate intended for me. He will collect the games and will show what peaceful solutions the world knows instead of weapons and wars, and for man to measure his strength and ability with his fate, to quench his passion. The long shut doors of the masters open before the brave who says: I am in search of the Agon.

Have to tell Smythe about this.

Check the map on the wall. Go to the bookcase. Books of note:  Oceanic Ichthyology from second from top right bookcase shelf, green book of Classes Linguarum from third from top right bookcase shelf and The Fishery Industries of the United States  at bottom shelf. The Tea Leaves book  at third from top shelf middle case and Graphic Book of Natives from bottom shelf middle case. 


Hallway:    Exit the room. The phone is the director's privilege. Turn left, forward and note the rooms on the right are the offices of Prof. Matthew Brice and Dr. James Bosomworth. The room at the end of the hallway is the Director's office: Dr. Edward Moresby, the director and Dr. Thomas Smythe, director's secretary. There is closed double door beside the director/s office.



Go back to the end of the hallway, right from Professor Hunt's office. The room at this end is the office of Prof. Benjamin Johnson. 

Turn left of the main double doors and see the back staircase door with a key at the lock.

Enter and go down the stairs. See your reflection on the second set landing window. Enter the lowest level door.



Talk to Swanson, the warehouse guard. He wouldn't let you in the warehouse.

Look at the warehouse inventory book on his table.

Talk to Swanson again and learn about nodding off when he drinks. Swanson gives you the key with green ribbon to Moresby's office. Climb back up to top floor and go to Director's Office at end of hallway.


Director's Office:

Smythe's Office -    Turn around and click on light switch right of door. Open the cabinet under the window and get a Jim Beam Scotch whiskey bottle. Go behind Smythe's desk and look at an Order Form at in box on left of desk. Not enough information yet to fill out the form.

Dr. Moseby's office -    Enter Dr. Moseby's Office. Turn around and turn on the light switch left of the door.

Check the bookcases. The second from left bookcase middle shelf has Anatomy book and A Map-Geography book. The top shelf has the Butterfly book. The end bookcase lower shelf has the Physiography book about snow and water. The top shelf has the telescope book.

Go to the  fireplace and see a globe by the desk. Take the box of matches from the fireplace's mantel.

Go behind the desk. Zoom in on desk. The calling card has Dr. Moresby's phone# 77-497.

Take the rubber stamp from desk.

Use the phone to call Smythe at 55-623. Listen and note clues. A black granite arrived from the Pecarian museum. It might be connected to the Black King. 

Look close at trashcan left of desk.  Take the crumpled paper and note at bottom of page - October 1, Black Granite Sculpture (sitting figure) 1020624.

Take the key back to Swanson and the door is left open 'accidentally'.



Give Swanson the key with green ribbon. The Professor also gives the whiskey to Swanson.

Look at inventory book again. Note that on October 1 (date the Black granite was catalogued), the larger items are in Store D.

Go back to Director's Office now that you have all the data needed.


Director's Office:   

Go behind Smythe's desk and fill out the Order Form.  Type in inventory number 1020624 in Store D. Click enter. Then take rubber stamp from inventory and click it above logus sigilli.



Go back down to check if Swanson is asleep. Once he's asleep, go forward to the key cabinet, watch and then open the key cabinet.


Key Puzzle:     The object of the puzzle is to place all the keys back on the nail hooks.

Check the inventory book again and look at the very end of the notebook.  Packard Company's phone # 26-444. Peter's home phone # 56-961. Store A lock needs to be changed. Mrs. E. von D's legacy placed in special cabinets with keys attached. Dr. Moseby's new safety key is the one with green ribbon. New upper safety lock in Store C since January. Object over 25 lbs are in Stored B and D. 

Go back to inventories page and note that  Mrs. E. von D's legacy (with keys attached) is in Store B.

Main Building - key with MB.

Dr. Moseby - key with green ribbon (noted at back of inventory book).

Store C - key with one additional key (noted at back of inventory book - new upper safety lock).

Store B - key with 2 smaller keys (noted at back of inventory book - with keys attached).

Store A - newest key (noted at back of inventory book - needed to be replaced).

Store D -  single rusty key.

Look around and see storage A is to left of Swanson. Go forward to hallway where Store B is the first door on left.

Go forward once after storage B and take lantern from left on top of crates.  Storage C is at end of hallway accessible by grilled door. Storage D is on the right of hallway with lopsided sign.


Storage D:   

Go to end of hallway, turn right and use the rusty key. Enter.

Click on match in inventory and click it on lantern.

There are 4 aisles planked by storage shelves. Pan cursor to the left, click to aisle (second), pan left to go forward to corner of room. Then pan right to the first aisle closest to wall of room. Go forward to end of the aisle, turn right and forward. Watch.

Look close at the geometric pattern on the Black King's arms. Click on stone at bottom left. Take the stone that is part of 13 geometric shapes. See runes. Now to study the runes. Go back to your - Professor's Office.


Professor Hunt's Office:   

Decipher the runes -

Take the green book of Classes Linguarum from third from top shelf of right bookcase. Flip the pages to the Hungarian Runes. Note: Hungarian runes were usually written on sticks in boustrophedon style (alternating direction left to right then right to left). Decipher the Stone.

E 3 5 20 N 3 5 60
o i n i a v

Based on the alternating direction left to right then right to left and the addition of the numbers, it is deciphered to be: E 28, N 68, v a i n i o. Type it in and then click 'Enter'.


Find the Coordinates -

Go to map by desk.

Click on map. Move magnifying lens to N 60-70 and E 20-30.

Click to look closer. Move N 65-70 and E 25-30.

Click again. Move the lens to E 28 and N 68.

It is at Lapland and the family that holds the next clue might be a family named Vainio.

Director's Office:    

Use the phone to call Smythe at 55-623.

Watch as Professor Hunt describes his night's adventures. He will travel to 12 corners of the world. Only his wife and Smythe will know where he will be. Watch as the Professor takes the early train from London to start his travels.



Episode 2: Lapland, November 10, 1903


Start of the game shows a letter written by Professor Samuel Hunt to his wife Dorothy. He is on his way to find a certain person named Vainio in Lapland.


Train Depot:

Professor Hunt gets off from the train. Nobody is around. Ring the bell left of the station.

Go around the back and see a locked door with a hole on the left.

Look close at signpost Borgesiida on the right and Guovvasiida on the left. On the other side of the depot is a water tower.

Go back to front of the depot, knock on door and then try the doorknob. Enter to smell of alcohol. Try to wake up the stationmaster. Look around the room.

Check the desk and see the sealed letter for Station 76 from T. Pekka, chief of central station.

Read the stationmaster's letter to his son. So sad. Remember, the mention of Kaira and how she obeys certain whistles. Kaira waits patiently after 3 identical whistles. She will start the baggage if one sound is higher than the other 2. She will go north if the whistle has wider difference between the middle sound and the other two.

Look at the chart on the right and it mentions Kaira and c-f-c-f-c-d-c.

Check the stove - it's cold here.

Get heat:

Take a stump (wood) from beside boiler-stove.

Open the stove cover. Place the newspaper that is in inventory and the stump in stove.

Go to bookcase by mirror and lamp. Move the brown book at right end and get matchbox.

Open stove and click matchbox on opened stove.

Go out and go to the water tank. Climb water tank to the top. Take a step forward and look down. Turn the lever to bring water to the boiler-stove. Go back inside it's cold out here.

Look at stove and turn the lever at top right pipe. Now we have heat!

Turn around and look at the map. Where we suppose to go? Episode one states we go to 66 N and 28 E - hmm that is at Borgesiida up north. But how do we get there?

Look at the telegraph machine under the map. There's still a message on it.

Morse Code:

 Look at the long strip of the tape.

Decode it using the Morse Code book found on the shelf above the drunken stationmaster.

Each word has a bigger space in between the dots and dashes.

Type in the word, press next to get a space and then type in the next word.

When all the words are typed in, press enter.

To 76 Professor Samuel Hunt from England is expected to arrive on Wednesday Please prepare a sleigh for him Pekka

Hmm we have to find that sleigh and ride to go north. No help from the stationmaster.

Look close at the stationmaster that turned over when you came back into the room. Take the small key.

Go to the cabinet under the window and use the key on the lock. Take the medicine and read the letter from the stationmaster's son, Paavo. Included in the letter is a chart.

Unlock the shed:

Study the chart and note the drawing of the room. This is the mechanism of the shed lock. The door is at back and gear mechanisms on bottom wall and right wall. The bottom wall gear is depicted on the left - it is down to the second notch. The gear on the right wall is down 5 notches.

Go to plates on wall in front of the door. Look down on the step stool and move it to the left.

Look up and click on left plate. To adjust the gear placement, move it left to the very end. We need it to be in the second notch - so move it right one notch.

Go out of the building to look for the gear mechanism on right wall. Go to wall opposite the water tower.

Look at the wheel on the wall. Adjust the gear to very end by clicking to the left until it stops. Then we need it to be on the 5th notch - so move it to the right 4 times.

Go to the locked door of the shed behind the house. Look at the hole and see it has a triangular keyhole now. Now, we only need the key. Where?

Go to the bell hanging at corner of the depot. Looking up from below the bell, take the key hidden in the clapper of the bell.

Back at the lock of the shed door, use the key on the hole. Open the door and enter.

Shed:   It's a very nice workshop. At the other end is a steam organ. Oh, this must be the way to call Kaira.

Call Kaira:

We need steam to use the steam organ. Go to the end of the pipe on the wall and turn the tap to get steam. Oops, the steam is escaping and the pressure is falling. Turn to the left and see where it is leaking. Turn the tap off.

Look down at the makeshift bench under the pipe and get lint (bandages).

Turn the tap on, turn left and use the lint on the leak.

Go to the steam organ and press c-f-c-f-c-d-c, the notes taken from the chart by the table inside the depot.

Go outside and meet Kaira


To go north:

Go back inside the shed and based on the letter mentioning Kaira let us try and enter d f d on the steam organ. Go out and see Kaira going to Cuonesiida - that's not where we want to go.

Go back inside and try e f e on the steam organ. Go out and see Kaira going to Guovvasiida - that's not where we want to go.

Go back inside and try c f c. Go out and see Kaira going to Borgesiida - now we're rolling.

Climb on the sled and go north.


The village looks deserted. Look around and knock on doors.

At the left road, go to the second house on the left, go around the right side of the house and look at the numbers etched on the wall above the firewood - 2 6 4 3 5 1.

Go across the road and knock on the house on the right with a black circle on the door. Prof. Hunt enters after no response.



Talk to the barkeep but no answer is given. Talk to the young woman sewing but also no response.

Go around the table and see a stove. Take the cup on the shelf right of the stove. Notice that the dog is sick. Go outside through the door and turn around. Take the icicle hanging on the left by the door.

Go back inside the bar and go to the stove. Combine the icicle and cup. Place the icicle on cup on stove. Add medicine to water in cup to get to get dissolved medicine.

Go to the dog and place the dissolved medicine on his bowl. Watch Professor Hunt make the dog drink the medicine. The young girl goes out and on the way out beckons at the professor.

Go out and talk to the young woman. She knows Vainio, a reindeer herder. He is her sweetheart. Her father, barkeep and first man of the village doesn't want her to associate with a Vainio, a family that is supposed to keep a secret for centuries. Virpi is nearby right now at his hut by the lake. You can get to him using the sleigh and trusty animal by going to the border, go north beyond the river. She wants you to deliver a letter for Virpi.

Enter the pen. Pick up the oilcan by the sled. Sit on the sled - at least it's not a box this time.



The bridge broke right before the professor is to cross. There's nothing left to do, I have to walk the rest of the way.

The path splits right and left with the clump of trees in between. Take the path right of the trees. 3 Clicks forward and facing 2 trees, turn left and one click to the big boulder. Turn left to the boulder and take the wheel hidden between the rocks.

Go forward one click, face another clump of trees and there will be a way to the left and to the right.

Take the path left of the trees. Go forward 2 times and turn right to go to the polar light observation post above a small rise.

Polar light post:    Place the wheel on the tube holding the machine on the left stand. Oil the tube. Enter the number seen on the wall of the house across the bar at the village - 2 6 4 3 5 1. A drawer opens. Read a page of the codex. Check the file to read it closely.

Pull out of close view, pan right and go forward until the broken bridge again. Turn around and go right again. Go forward, pass the boulder where the wheel was found and turn right to a boat on the dock. Turn right and follow the frozen river (5 clicks) until Vainio's hut.


Hut:    Vainio would not talk to you. Give him the girl's letter. Talk to him again. He thought the Agon is just a legend. He needs to prepare you for the fight with the Tablut. He will play Tablut until you win.


Tablut:  Read the rules. The white King that is at the center of the board must reach a shaded corner. For the King's white counters to capture the black opponent, 2 white counters must surround a black enemy vertically or horizontally or between a white counter and a shaded corner. The King is defeated if he is surrounded on all sides by black counters or if the King is beside the throne (central shaded square); he can be surrounded on 3 sides by a black counter.

Play the game:     The King is solid blue, his counters are blue and white and the enemies are red and white.

The strategy I used is to try to empty a space at one enemy wall and the projected corner square the king will go to.  The king's counters are moved to block the space around the area that is being cleared and to remove the enemies. The King is moved one step off the throne or central square parallel to the target wall before going to that wall. The path that is cleared should get the King to move to the wall in one or 2 moves and to the corner square in another move. Have fun!

You can also go to Main Menu and choose easy gameplay for this last part. It will be easier to solve the Tablut game.

Once you win, Virpi Vainio is happy because now the curse is lifted from the family. He gives you a stone.

Watch Professor Hunt ride the train for his trip to Madagascar.


To be continued in the next episode........

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