Wallace & Gromit's Grand Adventures

by Telltale Games

Walkthrough by MaGtRo  

March 2009, May 2009


Gameplay:    This is a mixed keyboard and mouse third person game.

The main menu has new game, continue, settings, preview and exit game.

The system settings are for the degree of hints, subtitles and volume. The graphic settings are for screen resolution and graphics quality. 

Preview shows a trailer of the forthcoming episodes in the series.

The start of a new game has tutorial, start game and back. The tutorial by Wallace explains the game manipulations.

Use the keyboard's arrows or the WASD keys to move the characters. Use the mouse buttons; enter key or space bar to perform an action. The active items are framed in brackets in the screen.

The shift key shows the inventory items at right side of the screen. Select an item with left mouse button and click it on another item in the screen.

To manually save the game, select bookmark from main menu. The game autosaves where you leave off. Thanks, gremlin.

ESC key accesses the in-game menu. The in-game menu has resume game, your game (load), settings, new game and exit game.

The game can be downloaded from the Telltale Games store.

Episode 1:    Fright of the Bumblebees

Wallace and Gromit's home at #62 at West Wallaby St.

Make Breakfast.

As Gromit:

Dining room:   

See Gromit by the honey dispenser. There is a newspaper with the headline, Robot Rodent Savages Shop beside the Sniffer 3000 blueprint.

Wallace:    The buzzer sounds and Wallace wants his breakfast.

Pull the lever right of wall to bring Wallace down from above for his breakfast.

It is Gromit's turn to fix breakfast. Wallace wants eggs and toast with honey.

Post:    Exit the dining room and see that mail has arrived. Take the mail and bring it to the dining room.

Gromit checks the mail and throws the Rex Armstrong's Quick Grow Muscle Formula advertisement in the trash bin.

Wallace checks the mail and sees that they are all bills. He decides to pay one bill.

He pulls out the red button to bring his pen. A badger on wheels comes out of the portrait above the fireplace and brings the pen.

Hallway:    Exit the dining room.

The door on the right is the storage-living room.

Go to the back of the house and see the door to the cellar under the stairs at right and the kitchen ahead.

Kitchen:    Enter the kitchen and look around.

Toast:    Click the bread box at right counter to get bread. Gromit takes bread and places them in the toaster.

Nutter the squirrel:    The toast is nabbed by a squirrel, Nutter. He leaves paw print on an empty butter dish. Hmm.

Open the refrigerator right of door to backyard and pick up butter. Place butter on the butter dish with paw print.

Get bread again or use toaster and see what happens. Hehehehehe. Toasted bread is taken.

Eggs:    Go to the other counter. Push the red button on the box close to the fridge and see the sequence of events. Something is missing to collect the egg and bring it to the cracker part of the set up.

Egg collector:    Click the wheel to get a close-up.  Hmm... Where did we see that same wheel before?

Go to the dining room and press the button for the skunk-pen carrier. Wallace stops Gromit.

Click (nag on the bills) the bills on the table. Wallace presses the button himself.

Out comes the badger on wheels. Take the badger.

Go back to the kitchen. Press the red button of the boxing glove box.

Get a close up of the empty wheel on the line. Use the badger on wire - wheel.

Break eggs:    Do the whole process again. Ugh. The hammer smashed the egg.

Go right of the pantry door and set the hammer to 'tap'.

Do the whole thing again. Get fried egg sunny side up.

Check the answering machine right of the telephone and hear Mr. Paneer voice his opinion about the cheese shop disaster.

Honey:    Go back to dining room. Use the lever of the honey dispenser to get a pot of honey.

Breakfast:    Use the toast, honey and egg with Wallace.

Get flowers in a hurry.


Honey Order:    Mr. Paneer talks to Wallace. He orders 50 gallons of honey to be delivered by tonight for the Sounding of the Crumpets festival. Yes!

As Wallace:


The bees are hungry. Take the flowers on the table at left. Get remote control for Sniffer 3000 from shelf.

Go right and look at the Magnetronic Pollinator. Flowers in, sweet nectar out.

Use the flowers on the magnetronic pollinator and get a er... a drop of honey. We need more flowers!

Hallway:    Wallace takes the Quick Grow Muscle Formula advertisement by the mail slot.

Garden:    Exit through the front door.  Wallace's house is #62 at West Wallaby St. Look around the garden.

Check the shed left of the front door and see Techno Trousers mow the yard.

Check the 2 gnomes and see that one is missing a bat and the other is holding a 'go' sign. Click the go sign and see that it turns part of the yard over to a pond.

Check the trash can and the 2 whirligigs that swing a part of the fence.

Felicity:    Talk to the neighbor, Felicity Flitt about her flowers.

Miss Flitt gives a packet of Daisy seeds. Talk to Felicity about each of her flowers: foxglove, roses, morning glory and pansies. The pansies haven't bloomed yet. She bends over to smell the pansies.

She placed a new roof on Nutter the squirrel's house.

Plant daisies:     Go to the patch of ground with no grass left of the gate. Use the seed packet on the ground.

Wallace can't wait 2-3 months. He looks at Rex Armstrong's Quick Grow Muscle Formula leaflet. Another idea there.

The formula needs:    Grotein, energides and strondium.

Get Grotein:

Major Crum:    Exit through the gate and go to Major Crum sitting on the bench at the Bus Stop.

Learn about the enemy invasion - air assault as evidenced by a snail.

Comment on the suitcase. It is packed full of grotein, emergency rations. He will not give one to Wallace. They are for emergencies only. Talk to Major Crum again. He is expecting air raid sirens any minute.

Take the snail. Major Crum says to spread the word. They might listen to the snail.

Felicity Flitt:    Go back to Felicity, the neighbor.

Show the snail to Felicity. Felicity wails like an air raid siren. See Major Crum run to the house.

Major Crum:    Go to the cellar through the door under the stairs. Look around. Talk to Major Crum.

Grotein:    Click on suitcase again. Ask about the groteins in suitcase. This is an emergency. He gives grotein bar to Gromit and Wallace.

Time to get Major Crum to leave:    Comment on the pictures. He wants to be recommissioned but he needs helmet, dog tag and someone to distribute the grotein bars

Distributor:    Click on Gromit. Wallace volunteers Gromit to distribute the grotein bars.

Dog tags:    Go upstairs. Look at the umbrella stand left of door and get Gromit's dog tag.

Go back to cellar. Use dog tag with Major Crum. He wears the dog tag.

Helmet:    Try to take the top of the beehive. The bees bite Wallace.

Go right to the picture of the Queen Bee on back wall. Play the record - God Save the Queen.

The bees fly to the poster. Immediately take the helmet on top of the beehive.

Give helmet to Major Crum. He wears the helmet.  Major leaves happily to fight the war.

Map:    Go to the dining room table and click on a blueprint to get the map.

Get strongium:   

Go upstairs. Wallace said he wants a Strongium tea right now.

Kitchen:    Go to the kitchen. Listen to the answering machine twice. It is Winnie at the news stand and Mr. Paneer of the cheese store.

Take the toast in front of the toaster.

Nutter strikes again:

Open the glass cabinet right of the refrigerator. Take the box of Strongium tea. Nutter grabs the tea bag.

Exit to the front yard via the back door or the front door.

Front Yard:    Confront Nutter on his tree. He's holding the teabag.

Talk to Felicity. She advises kind words. Talk to Squirrel again.

Felicity states to offer something the squirrel likes better than tea bags.

Use toast with Nutter. Nutter drops the tea bag.

Get the tea bag from Felicity:

The tea bag lands on Felicity. Talk to Felicity several times.

Click on the flowers to see if she will bend over and smell them. She will smell the Purple Pansies if they bloom for her.

Look for Purple Pansies:

Exit the yard and to the street or use the map. Be at Town Proper.

Go to the newsstand (newsagents) with yellow awning. See a purple pansy pot outside the top window.

Talk to Winnie Gabberley. Her husband contradicts her through the top window.

Look-click on the plant ledge at top window. Winnie says that she has lots of Purple Pansies in her flat.

Mr. Gabberley contradicts her again and closes the window causing the Goldenrod to fall on the ground.

Winnie scolds her husband. Mr. Gabberley says that her insults do not affect him anymore.

Look at Goldenrod and Winnie gives the plant to Wallace.

Talk to Winnie again.

Word game - insult:    Winnie wants Wallace to give her words.

Select words by clicking on a snack or ad hanging above her or down below the counter.

Play the word game and see Winnie recite it to Mr. Gabberley.

Do this until Winnie says insults do not affect him and maybe do the opposite.

Since insulting doesn't affect Mr. Gabberley anymore select nice descriptions.

I used:     verb - melt, thing - mouth, descriptive - mild, person or animal - gentlemen.

If correctly done, Mr. Gabberley shuts the window again and the Purple Pansies pot falls to the ground.

Ask Winnie for the Purple Pansies.

If you have the map (taken from dining room table), jump to home. If you do not have the map, go close to Mr. Paneer under the arrow pointing to West Wallaby St and then go right.

Felicity:    Use the Purple Pansies pot with the Purple Pansies seed packet in Felicity's garden.

Felicity bends to smell the pansies. Wallace picks up the strongium tea bag.

Get energides:

Look at Rex Armstrong's Quick Grow Muscle Formula leaflet again. Wallace said that he used the last of the energides on Sniffer 3000. But Sniffer 3000 is in jail.

House:    If you haven't yet, take the remote control from the shelf left of the drawing board at the cellar.

Climb up the stairs and get Gorgonzola from the side table in the bedroom. Go to town again.

Mr. Paneer:    Talk to Mr. Paneer about standing on water dripping from above the door. Pick up Wensleydale cheese, Wallace's favorite cheese from the free sample table.

Police Station:    Go to the police station beside the newsstand. Read the petition for early release of the Sniffer 3000 left of the door.

Go to the side window of the police station and see the Sniffer 3000 in his cell.

Go back and talk to the Constable talks about the Sniffer 3000. He agrees to interview the robot.

Watch the interview from outside the window of the jail cell. The Constable wants the Sniffer 3000 to face him.

Get the Sniffer 3000 to face the constable:    

Talk to the constable outside the jail about his helmet. It is heavy and he gets hot.

The Constable removes his helmet. Immediately take the Gorgonzola from inventory and use it with the helmet (cursor should be at bottom of helmet).

Talk to Constable again about the Sniffer 3000. He interviews the robot rat.

When he wants the Sniffer 3000 to face him, use the remote control and select Gorgonzola.

Now he asks if the Sniffer 3000 feels bad about what he did. The robot did not show any emotions.

Get the Sniffer 3000 to feel bad:

Go to the outside window of the jail cell. Look inside the jail cell.

Use the Wensleydale cheese with the cot inside the cell. The cheese falls under the cot.

Get the Sniffer 3000 out of jail:

Talk to the Constable again. The Sniffer 3000 is interviewed again.

When asked to face the cell door, use the remote control and select Gorgonzola (in constable's helmet).

When asked if it feels bad, use remote control and select Wensleydale (thrown under the cot).

When asked if he will do it again, use remote control and select Rotterdam (the robot looks for it).

The Sniffer 3000 is released. It drops the energides battery.

Use map to go back home.

Prepare the Quick Grow Muscle Formula:    Go to the kitchen and use the energides battery, strongium tea bag and grotein bar on the Mix-o-matic mixer left of the backdoor. Eek! Gromit saves the day.

Wallace goes to the garden and uses the quick grow formula on the garden patch planted with daisies.

Oh my! Pick up the giant flowers.

Feed the bees:    Go down to the cellar and use the giant flowers with the magnetronic pollinator.

Wallace and Gromit deliver 50 gallons of honey to Mr. Paneer.

They made enough money to pay for the bills with some leftover.

Giant Bees

As Gromit:

Major Crum commandeers the dining room to fight the giant bees in the garden with the porridge shooter.

Exit the dining room. Wallace answers the phone in the kitchen. It is Constable Dibbins.

Wallace goes to talk to the giant bees in the cellar. Wallace returns to the kitchen in his underwear and answers the call by Mr. Paneer.

Garden giant bees: Thanks to Emily!

Disposal technique 1:   

Go to the bedroom upstairs. See a giant bee fall asleep after hearing the lullaby record. Take the tennis racquet.

Exit the house and see Felicity up the tree. Use the tennis racquet on the gnome at left close to the wall.

Go back to dining room and click on Major Crum.

Check if the pond is the one showing in the yard. If it is not, shoot the 'go' sign of right gnome.

The pond flips up. Then wait for a bee to hover above the pond, shoot it down and it falls into the pond.

Immediately, shoot the 'go' sign of the gnome. Watch as the left gnome hits the flipped bee into the tree hole.

Disposal technique 2:   

Shoot at trash can lid and the trash can is opened.

Shoot at Nutter's house's roof. It is at the top of the tree where Felicity is hanging on. Nuts fall out on to Felicity and Nutter comes out.

Shoot at bee above the opened trash can. Aim on the bee when it flies above the trash and with the top window of the house across as the background. It will be far enough to drop inside the trash can.

As soon as the bee is in the trash can, immediately shoot at Nutter the squirrel. He drops to the fence and flips the lid back on the trash can.

Disposal technique 3:

Shoot at the door of the shed close to the front door.

Techno Trousers comes out of the shed. Shoot bee above Techno Trousers.

As soon as bee is inside Techno Trousers, shoot him again and he goes back inside the shed.

Town Centre Bees:

Kitchen:    Go to the kitchen. Pick up the answering machine. Listen to Mr. Gabberley apologizing until he was attacked by the bees. Take the frying pan from the stove.

Hallway:    Pick up the remote control and map from Wallace's clothes on the floor.

Felicity:    Exit the house and talk to Felicity. She gives an SOS note for Wallace.

Exit through the gate and be at Town Centre.

Newsstand:    Use answering machine with Edwina-Winnie. She thinks that her husband left her that message. Aww...

Use frying pan with the newspaper at right of stand.

Cheese Store:    Go to Mr. Paneer's Cheese Shop. Shake the downspout left of the store.

The bees get wet and fly to the newsstand. Watch them get rolled up.

House Bees:

Pick up a Wensleydale cheese in front of Mr. Paneer's Store.

Police station:    Go to the police station door. Scratch the door.

Constable Dibbins drops the Gorgonzola from his helmet. Pick up the Gorgonzola.

Travel back to house.

Bedroom Bee:    Go to the dining room. Use the lever right of door.

See the sleeping bee go down to dining room and into the trash bin.

Cellar Bees:    Go to the bedroom and pick up the lullaby record.

Go to the backyard via the backdoor in the kitchen.

Peer down in the open cellar door. Use a cheese from inventory with the cellar door.

Go down to the cellar. Gromit hides because the bees will attack him.

Use the remote control to call Sniffer 3000 by pressing the name of the other cheese that is left in inventory.

See that the bee stings do not affect the metal Sniffer 3000. Use the Sniffer 3000 and Gromit enters the robot rat.

Use remote control by pressing the name of the cheese dropped on the cellar door outside.

They travel to the top of the hive. Immediately use the Brahms's lullaby record on the record player.

That took care of the bees.

Felicity:    Go to the kitchen and Wallace talks to Gromit. Hear Miss Flitt.

While bragging to Miss Flitt, another aerial assault happened.

Queen Bee

Honey truck:   

Watch as Wallace is carried off by the Queen Bee.

As Gromit:    Gromit arrives on the Honey truck. Wallace wants the ladder raised.

Raise the ladder:    Examine the dash board.

Open the glove compartment and get the crank.

Press the middle of the small buttons on top of the radio. This opens the sun roof.

Press the green button of the autopilot. Exit close up.

Climb through the sun roof. Use the crank with the ladder control box at right side of the roof (small knob).

The ladder is raised but was broken by passing through a covered bridge.

A chicken is caught on the windshield.

Get the queen bee to release Wallace:

Climb down to the cab of the truck.

Use the windshield wiper by pressing the small left button above the radio.

Go up the sun roof again and pick up the feather.

Climb ladder to the Queen Bee. Try poking on her and she squeezes Wallace.

Tickle queen bee with the feather. She drops Wallace.

As Wallace and Gromit:

Change character by clicking on the periscope in front of the sun visor.

Shoot at Queen Bee:    Gromit has the honey shooter.

Shoot at the Queen Bee and see that it doesn't have much effect.

As Wallace, turn the radio on and look for a boring station. Queen Bee starts nodding. Keep shooting at her.

Still didn't have any effect.

Open the honey tank cap outside the right door of the truck. Use the Growth formula with the tank.

Change the radio reception to a funny station. Wait until she opens her mouth and shoot the honey with growth formula directly in her mouth.

See what happens.

Wallace made the formula to make the bees smaller. There is one small complication...

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