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Eidos & Crystal Dynamics

Weíre celebrating the return of the Grand Lady of Games, Lara Croft, in a Game that is better than ever. Now she looks like a real human person, a very beautiful young woman.
The graphics qualities of the Game are super detailed, with realistic drops of rain and plankton swimming around under water. You will see Lara dirty after having struggled through mud and slowly getting cleaned by standing under a waterfall: the chunks of dried up mud slowly slide off her body. When sheís wet after a swim youíll see her drying up in the sun.

Tomb Raider: Underworld is the result of a first cooperation between two great Game Developers: Eidos (who created Lara Croft) and Crystal Dynamics (who wrote the story).

The Crystal Dynamics/Eidos Team Announcement


The story is based on old Mythologies of the Mayans and the Vikings that the developers really meticulously studied for this Game.
In short, Lara has to search for the Hammer of Thor. This Artifact has not been hidden in some mysterious Norwegian cave but is lying inside a ruin on the bottom of the Mediterranean Sea.
The scenarists found out that the Hammer of Thor was not merely a powerful weapon of the Gods, but must have been the strongest weapon based on any of the Mythologies. E.g. with this Hammer they could turn mountains into valleys.
Of course, there are goons with less noble intentions who are after the Hammer as well, and Lara will have to fight them throughout the Game.


Basically Underworld has lots of similarities with the previous Game Anniversary.  If you played this Game you will be acquainted with most of the features (read my Anniversary Walkthrough).

There are some differences though. Just like in Anniversary you regularly cross Checkpoints in any Level, but now you donít always hear a chime sound that announces a Checkpoint, and the text CHECKPOINT does not appear in this Game either. When Lara dies you will be able to continue from the latest Checkpoint in the Level and if you restart the Game you will start from this Checkpoint as well. Most versions of this Game offer the opportunity to manually save. If you have such a version, use this option as often as you feel comfortable with.

Apparently there are no Ammo Pickups found here. Each weapon has some limited Ammo at the beginning of the Levels, but you canít find any extras.
One exception though: your Pistols have unlimited Ammo, just like in any Tomb Raider Game before. Be careful with your selection of Weapons!

You will find Health Packs everywhere, but they are not saved for the next Level. In a next Level you will start with a reasonable amount of Health. You have to use them in difficult Levels. Laraís Health is gradually restored anyway, so hide a few minutes and build up full Health again.
If you find a Golden Relic Laraís Stamina meter will be permanently increased and her Health completely restored from that point on. There is no more than 1 Golden Relic hidden in each Level. So it is very important that you collect all Golden Relics in order to survive the final Level.

Treasures and Rewards can be found in most Levels. They will unlock more Art just like in the previous Game Anniversary. You need to collect all of them in order to finish the Game for 100%.

A new Menu Interface

When starting the game you will first see a small window called Setup.
It is already automatically set to the optimal settings according to your video card, but you can always apply changes to:
Resolution, Refresh rate, Brightness, Aspect Ratio, Texture detail, Antialiasing mode, Enable VSync, Enable Triple Buffering, Enable Shadows, Enable Fullscreen Effects, Enable Volumetric Effects, Enable Reflections, Enable Water Effects.

The initial setup screen


Next you will be asked if you would like to create the Autosave file. Hover the Game mouse above YES and then click on it.

Now you will get the entirely renewed Menu Interface with all the items you can open. Donít wait too long or an introductory cut scene will start. In that case either watch it and wait until the menu will reappear or simply press ESC if you donít like to watch it.

The new Menu Interface


The different Items in the menu are from top circle to down circle in anticlockwise sense:

By clicking on this circle you will obviously start a new Game

If you use the Keyboard/Mouse open the control configuration and if you use a Gamepad open the Gamepad Configuration. As always I use the Logitech Dual Action Gamepad which is a lookalike of the PlayStation 2/3 Gamepad Ė to my opinion the best and most convenient design of all Gamepads.
Enable Gamepad Selection (this Gamepad has no Vibration function though).
Turn Gamepad Axes ON.
Return to Control Configuration where you will find the Buttons for your Gamepad.
Here is the conversion table that I selected (slightly different fromTomb Raider Anniversary).
With this Gamepad the Button numbers go from 1 to 12 but on the Control Configuration Window they go from 0 to 11. That means you have to add 1 to your Gamepad Buttons. That has already been done in this conversion table:

Movement W-A-D-S/Arrows Left Analog Stick (LAS)
Walk Alt Slightly pressing LAS
Sprint Shift Button 7 (B7)
Interact E Button 1 (B1)
Jump Spacebar Button 4 (B4)
Looking around Mouse Right Analog Stick (RAS)
Camera T Hat Switch 2
Light F Hat Switch 3
Shoot H/Left Mouse Button Button 6 (B6)
Change Weapon R Hat Switch 4
Grenade Caps Lock Button 8 (B8)
Target Lock G/Right Mouse Button Button 5 (B5)
Use Medipack V Hat Switch 1
Access PDA Tab Button 12 (B12)
Crouch/Roll Ctrl Button 3 (B3)
Manual Aim Z Button 10 (B10)
Grapple Q Button 2 (B2)
Pause ESC Button 11 (B11)

Vehicle Controls

Gas W
Reverse S
Brake Spacebar
Shoot H/Left Mouse Button

The next Circles are LOAD GAME and SAVE GAME.
Turn ON the Subtitles.
EXTRAS are not in use at this point.
And your last circle is QUIT GAME.
Finally the middle circle is PLAY GAME.

The Levels

As always the Game starts with Laraís Manor where you learn about the Controls.
Then the real Levels start and a new one is unlocked when you finish a Level. The Levels are divided into Sublevels.

Our Team

Dr. Hugh
Author of the Walkthrough. I play the Game in VISTA Ultimate and simultaneously write the Levels in English on a separate Computer in XP Pro.
Screenshots are frequently taken and I select the ones that are best suitable.
Antwerp, Belgium

Bert Jamin
Designer of the Web Pages based on the Text and Screenshots I provide.
Links to next Levels and Sublevels are included.
Owner and Administrator of the website
Zoetermeer, The Netherlands

Under Construction

This Walkthrough is under construction and will be published per Sublevel. This may take a while though.

And now...

Play this wonderful Adventure Game and once again enjoy the escapades of our dear friend Lara. Enjoy!

Walkthrough started on November 30, 2008

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Tutorial level
Croft Manor