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Level 6



Like in any Level, the following opening scene appears with each restart:
In the end, Amanda helped me a great deal by digging up the Queen of Atlantis and keeping her caged. And now with Thorís Hammer, I have the power to force Natla to tell me the location of Helheim, and then to remove her from this world forever.

The opening scene of this level


First you will be given the outfit choice throughout this level: Jungle Heavy, Jungle Pants and Jungle Shorts.

I thought weíve seen Lara enough wrapped in heavy outfits by now, so letís give her some more freedom in the heat and allow ourselves to see some more of hers: so I voted for the Jungle Shorts.

Jungle Heavy

Jungle Pants

Jungle Shorts


Then youíll be asked what second Weapon you would prefer. Actually you can always change this later on in the Level. Anyway I took the Shotgun. But this whole Level is one of shooting down enemies, and since you have the mighty Mjolnir as a final Weapon you may rather consider this short Level as a Tutorial Level of how to control the Hammer as a powerful Weapon.

A Cut Scene will then show Lara arriving by the Tisiphone Ship Ė that one which Zip said it was anchored before the Coast of Thailand.
(I wonder how Lara left Room 8 though...)

Lara steering her boat

Nearing the Tisiphone


Then a general view of the Tisiphoneís deck is shown when Lara climbs aboard.

Lara climbs aboard

The deck of the Ship


Rituals Old

A new Journal Entry is unlocked. Please read it. From this Autosave the Level will start.

The Levelís start


Now you have three Weapons:

-         the Pistols

-         the Secondary Weapon

-         Mjolnir (Thorís Hammer)

To equip Mjolnir press the Weapon Selector twice.

The Regular guns

Press the selector once: Shotguns (my personal choice)

Press the Selector twice: Mjolnir

This ship seems a twin of Amandaís other ship and standing there on the main deck everything seems like a flash back of the Mediterranean Sea.
First you have to practice with the Hammer. The shoot button (RT) sends a lightning bolt at an enemy that blasts him off in the air. The target button (LT) locks on an enemy like any other Weapon does and when also pressing the interactive button (yellow) a shockwave will unbalance the enemy. You can also blast that enemy off. Precision aiming (Pressing RAS) hits objects or enemies in focus when you fire.

Exercise with some crates. Especially aim at the crate left of you labeled ďNatlaĒ and shoot. The crate will blow into pieces revealing a Medipack to grab.

Aim and shoot the crate

Take the Medipack


Go from the stairs, run around the lower deck and blast off 10 enemies with Mjolnir. Jeez, thatís fun!

Go from the stairs and the goons start appearing

Blast off all of them when running between the containers


Just like before, you have to reach the upper deck by climbing on the containers. Left in  the middle corridor there is a blue container that has nothing on top.

Climb on the blue container


Face the stairs you came from and notice a blue and grey container stacked on top. Jump to the grey container, pull up and find a Medipack lying there.

Face the stacked blue and grey containers

Pull up and take the Medipack


Turn around towards the upper deck and run/jump to the stack of 3 containers. Run/jump to the upper grey container, hang from the edge and pull up.

The stack of 3 containers

Run/jump and hang from the high edge

Pull up


Now you see the way to the upper deck. Jump via the next two stacks of 3 containers to the entrance of the upper deck.

Jump to the next two stacks

Finally to the upper deck


When you land on the upper deck youíll get an Autosave.
It doesnítí matter whether you follow right or left to the front of the ship. In either case youíll meet goons hidden behind crates. Go right first and blast away two goons that were hiding behind crates and coming out.

Blast two goons on the right side


Now donít continue but go left and repeat the procedure. Only here youíll find three of them. The Hammer does its job well.
Continue around the circular elevated floor with steps where you can blast off a number of goons I canít even count.
[NOTE: look at the cylinderís grate on top and remember that spot]

An abundance of goons here


Descend either stairs down to the helipad where the chopper is standing (notice a Medipack lying before the crates).

Descend to the Helicopter area


Down there blast away two goons and take the Medipack.

Take that Medipack


Proceed to the chopper. You can smash some crates but thereís no goon here anymore.

This section is goon-free now


Return all the way back to the stern of the ship where youíll have to blast 3 more goons. Then the back door will automatically slide open.

Take care of 3 goons at the stern

The pair of doors will slide open when you approach


Enter, go left-right and then from the stairs where a second pair of doors will slide open.

The second pair of doors opens


Go right/right and form the stairs where a third pair of doors will slide open.

The third pair of doors is sliding open when you approach from the stairs


Go right over a walkway and get rid of two goons.

These two goons were standing in your way


Go right and get rid of 4 more goons. Then turn right and descend a small staircase.

The small staircase


After the staircase go left and blast off a goon who is appearing by the ďTĒ.

A goon by the ďTĒ


On either side of the ďTĒ is a small staircase. Take the left.

Take the left stairs


A long Cinematic will now start.
Lara is entering the room where Natla is caged in a glass cocoon.

Natla in her glass cocoon


Lara (angry): Avalon, Helheim, I donít care what itís called... where is it?
Natla: Look at all youíve done... incredible.

I will never doubt you again


Lara: Tell me... now.
Natla: Very well. But before you put me to death, tell me, are you prepared to wait for Odin to appear and perform the ritual to open Helheim?
Lara: And you know this ritual, of course.
Natla: Iím sure youíve realized that I want to get to Avalon just as much as you do, but neither of us can go alone. You need my ritual, and need your Hammer.
Lara: If... no, when you step out of line, youíll get it.

Lara is going to break the cocoon with the Hammer


Then, suddenly Amanda (or her doppelganger) enters the scene: Stop!
Lara: You... destroyed my home. You killed Alister!

I got what I wanted. Isnít that all we care about?


Amanda is going to break Natlaís cocoon with a dagger (or so it seems) but Lara is preventing her from doing that.

Lara lifts Amanda with her strong arms

She throws Amanda through the windows


Lara is ready to destroy the cocoon with the Hammer now.

You can die too!


[NOTE: I donít quite understand what is following next. Natla has been carving some signs in the glass (?) of the cocoon and some beam is hitting Lara.

A beam from the cage is hitting Lara


Then, somehow the cage seems broken. Anyway only the ending matters: Lara will have to let Natla escape because they will need each other at Avalon/Helheim]

Natla: Ah, Lara, you are a woman after my own heart.

Get out of my sight


And so Natla does. She flies up through the hole in the shaft (the grate in the elevated Cylinder Lara saw on the deck):

Meet you there


And Lara? She watches in vain how Natla escapes again...

Lara has no choice...


Level 7
Arctic Sea