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5.1 Jan Mayen Island - Gate of the Dead

 5.2.1 Jan Mayen Island - Valhalla: The Maze

 5.2.2 Jan Mayen Island - Valhalla: The Timed Doors  

5.2.3. Jan Mayen Island - Valhalla: Crossing the Abyss

5.2.4. Jan Mayen Island - Valhalla: The Hammer Hall - Room 1

Jan Mayen Island - Valhalla: The Hammer Hall - Room 2

Jan Mayen Island - Valhalla: The Hammer Hall - Room 3

Jan Mayen Island - Valhalla: The Hammer Hall - Room 4

Jan Mayen Island - Valhalla: The Hammer Hall - Room 5 & 6

Jan Mayen Island - Valhalla: The Hammer Hall - Room 7

Jan Mayen Island - Valhalla: The Hammer Hall - Room 8

Level 5

Sublevel 2

Part 1


Look down from the upper ring and notice that the three rings with poles all rotate with parallel poles. Hang from the edge and let go to the first pole.

All sets of 3 poles keep parallel


Let go to the next two poles (you may have to press yellow to hang from both hands). Shimmy to the ring hanging from the third pole (from above).

To the lowest pole where you shimmy to the ring


Let go to three narrow ledges until you reach the top of the second ring (from above).

Let go to three narrow ledges

And finally to the ring’s top


Hang from the edge, and let go to the first pole. Forget about the narrow ledges and let go to a lower pole when passing (press yellow!). Shimmy to the ring and wait until you see a vertical set of 4 narrow ledges in a row.

Hang from the edge

Let go to two poles and shimmy to the ring


Let go to the upper narrow ledge, and then all the way down to the top of the third ring.

From the last of the 4 narrow ledges to the top of the ring


Hang from the edge waiting for a pole below to come by and let go. Shimmy to the ring and let go to a narrow ledge.

From the edge to a pole

Shimmy to the ring and drop down to the narrow ledge


Let go to a passing pole, to a narrow ledge, another narrow ledge and then to the floor.

Pole – narrow ledge (2x)

Narrow ledge-floor


Run to the Gate and lay your hands on it turning it electric blue.

Run to the Gate

Lay your hands on it


Pull the skull to the right side. The two doors will slide open.

The two parts of the Gate slide open


Make sure your flash light is on when entering the Valhalla . Go inside and immediately after the door on your right there are two jars of which the rounded one contains your 7th Treasure.
Proceed to the ramp and 3 bats and a Zombie will attack. Get rid of them and pick up your 8th Treasure in the left corner lying between two useless jars.

The 7th Treasure in the jar

Kill the Zombie

The 8th Treasure lying in the corner


Descend the ramp and notice a Treasure jar immediately down in the left corner. Smash it for obtaining your 9th Treasure.

The jar in the left corner

Treasure #9


Continue through the entrance hallway until you reach a T- intersection. This hallway is in fact the lower edge of a rectangle that has a number of sideways. The Gate’s hallway ends in the middle of this edge. It doesn’t matter whether you follow left or right first so turn right and find Treasure #10 around the corner lying on the floor between two useless jars.

Take your 10th Treasure


At the end turn left into the larger edge of the central rectangle and  notice an arch above a downward leading small ramp. From the top of the ramp you can already see the green shining eyes of a Zombie.
Slowly descend the ramp and at the bottom you can start shooting the Zombie when he approaches. Back up on the ramp and when he falls grant him the final stomp.

Shoot the Zombie from the end of the ramp


Behind the arch notice two jars in the left corner of which the rounded one contains your 11th Treasure.

The 11th Treasure is inside the rounded jar


Skip the T-intersection behind the ramp (one of the sideways of the central rectangle). Behind the “T” is an obstruction with a small ramp at the right side . Cross it and another Zombie will attack.

Stomp that thing to dead


A bit farther you have to turn left (the upper edge of the central rectangle).
Proceed under an arch and immediately see the jar with Treasure #12.

The left corner behind the arch


Follow the left wall until the corner where you notice a sea horse jar. Smash it and find a Health Potion lying behind it.

Smash this sea horse jar

The Health Potion was hidden behind it


Backtrack around the central rectangle to the T-intersection with the Gate’s hallway and continue straight instead of returning left to the Gate. Turn right (the left larger edge of the central rectangle) and you’ll notice an arch. A Zombie will come running to you so you can stomp him easily into pieces. Then a second loser will be another easy prey for Lara.
Follow down the ramp and immediately on your right lies your 13th Treasure on the floor.

Get rid of two Zombies separately

Your 13th Treasure on the floor


At the next T-intersection turn left between the rocks into a side hallway ending at a flat wall looking like a door that may open. Remember the wall/door in this dead end. Turn around and notice a Treasure lying on the floor in the right corner. Take Treasure #14.

The wall (closed door) you must remember

Treasure #14 in the corner on the floor


Proceed left (the rectangle’s edge). Past the arch a jar with Treasure #15 is standing. Follow the right wall until the corner to find the jar with Treasure #16 and turn to the left corner to pick up a Health Potion in the left corner.

Treasures #15 and 16

A Health Potion


The left larger edge of the central rectangle ends here, so return to the second “T” leading to the Gate (left-right) and outside hop on your bike.
Drive inside, from the ramp, and follow right-left. Drive from the ramp under the arch and turn right into the sideway at the T-intersection.

Hop on the bike and drive into the Maze

Turn right at the T-intersection behind the arch


At the next T-intersection stop your bike and dismount. On the right side of the path is a rock obstruction with a hole on the right and on the left is a combination of a half ramp on the left side and an opening on the right side of the path.
You may be attacked by 2 Zombies here. But when I played this Part for a second time they weren’t there. Go right to the rock obstruction and crawl under the hole.

Get off your bike at the “T”

The rock obstruction

Crawl under the hole


You’ll enter a small room where Treasure #17 is lying on the floor in the left corner.

Your 17th Treasure on the floor


Crawl back and return to the bike.

Return to the bike


Turn left and drive through the opening on the right side of the half ramp. A Zombie will attack. You can drive him over here.

Drive over this Zombie

Drive to the right of the ramp


Then flocks of bats will attack. Shoot the bats from your bike.
Continue until you see a crossing and stop there. Get off the bike.

Stop at the four-way crossing


Walk to the dead end in front of you and on the right corner find a jar with Treasure #18.

The jar containing Treasure #18


Turn left and notice a dead end with a similar wall that looks like a closed door.

The second wall (door) you should remember


Turn around and run straight to a narrow pair of ramps over a gap on the right side of the path. The gap is just the path itself. The first ramp has a wall extension that leaves an opening with the left wall. The second ramp has a side wall that extends to the left wall with an opening near the ramp itself. This formation is followed by a narrow Arch on the right side of an obstruction with a narrow ramp going down on the opposite left side.
But there are green glowing eyes behind.
Approach the first ramp and when a Zombie comes running at Lara keep shooting at him until he is nearby so you may easily finish him off with a few stomps.

One more Zombie into pieces


Ascend the opposite ramp and keep shooting at two more zombies. They will be hurt and retreat to where you cannot reach them any longer from this height. Jump down and they’ll come running to you. Start shooting again and attack them both with stomps until you reach an adrenaline stage in slow motion. Now it’s easy to stomp them into pieces.

Shoot both Zombies from the top of the ramp

Keep shooting when you jump down

Finish them off


Turn back and in front of the ramp near the arch and there is your jar with Treasure #19.

Your 19th Treasure in this jar


Return to the intersection and hop on your motorcycle. Drive in left, keep right and speed up over the gap between the ramps on your right. Steer it through the arch, turn around at the next “T” and stop to have a view from the opposite side of the complicated Arch construction.

Start here

Drive up the ramp over the gap and through the arch

Stop at the T-intersection


Get off the bike and inspect a pole on the ground with golden bands. Behind the pole there is a pile of rocks with an opening to crawl under. First crawl under.

The pole and the pile of rocks


You’ll end up in a room containing a jar with Treasure #20 and a Health Potion next to that stupid brown jar.

Treasure #20 in a jar

And a Health Potion


Crawl out again and stand by your bike to have a look around here. On the left wall a horizontal pole with golden bands is hanging from the wall at a height. On the right is the Arch and the small ramp. Left of the ramp lies a moveable block.

Part 2