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4.1 Southern Mexico - The Unnamed Days

4.2.1 Southern Mexico - Xibalba: The First Mayan Calendar

4.2.2 Southern Mexico - Xibalba: Into the Temple

4.2.3 Southern Mexico - Xibalba: The Second Mayan Calendar

4.3.1 Southern Mexico - The Midgard Serpent: The Xibalba Statues room

4.3.2 Southern Mexico - The Midgard Serpent: The Four Colored Keys - The Silver Key

Southern Mexico - The Midgard Serpent: The Four Colored Keys - The Golden Key

Southern Mexico - The Midgard Serpent: The Four Colored Keys - The Red Key

Southern Mexico - The Midgard Serpent: The Four Colored Keys - The Turquoise Key

4.3.3 Southern Mexico - The Midgard Serpent: The Crafted Skull

4.3.4 Southern Mexico - The Midgard Serpent: The Serpent Pool

4.3.4 Southern Mexico - Land of the Dead

Level 4

Sublevel 1


As always when you start or resume a Level a certain text will appear (while the Game is loading in the background:

ďMy Fatherís photographs revealed the location of Thorís Belt in Central America and his Hammer between Greenland and Norway. Zip doesnít understand how I can continue the search after Alisterís murder, but Iím convinced this path also leads to those responsible.Ē

The screen you will see when starting up the Level


When first starting this Level you will be asked what kind of outfit you would like for Lara? You have three choices: Jungle Heavy, Jungle Pants and Jungle shorts. Iíve selected Jungle Heavy:

Select your outfit


Next you will be asked what kind of second Weapon you would have ready to switch with the regular Pistols. I selected the Submachine Guns:

Select your second Weapon


You will then see a rough landscape where Lara is arriving on a motor bike and then you get the controls over Lara (see the Introduction for the Controls, but they donít work with a Gamepad: You have to use the Keypad Ė what a shame). The screen will offer two controls (for more controls look at the Introduction).

Lara arrives on a motorcycle

Your Sublevel starts here


A new Journal Entry has been unlocked and itís a good idea to spend some time reading it.

Drive through the tunnel and smash a jar on your right containing Treasure 1/50 (you can smash it with your bike).

Smash this jar

Find Treasure #1


Get off the bike (that still works with B1), pick up the Treasure and take the bike again with B1.
In front of you is a pit behind a light colored beam in the middle of the path.
Align with the beam and run over it while pressing B4 to jump over the pit.
On the other side get off the bike. Run around and nearby find a brownish grey jar containing Treasure #2.

Align with the beam and run over the pit

Get Treasure #2 out by breaking this jar


A small drive on your bike will bring you to a Temple ruin where small Cut Scene will show you a specific window. Lara is off the damned bike now so we can use the Gamepad again.

The ruin of a Temple

Your attention is focused to this window


Continue straight (on foot), jump to a ledge and notice 2 jars of which one contains Treasure #3. You can jump up to the left and break the jar.

Get Treasure #3 out of one of these jars


Now you have to find your way to that window. Turn away from the jar to the right and find a square block. Jump up, pull up, turn right and notice a narrow ledge on a larger square pillar. Jump to the narrow ledge. Vault up to a higher narrow ledge.

Jump on top if this block

Jump to the narrow ledge on the higher pillar

Notice a higher narrow ledge

Jump up there


Shimmy left around the corner and prepare for a jump left to a wide narrow ledge on the opposite wall. Stand up there. Turn the camera and spot more narrow ledges above Lara.

Shimmy left around the corner and prepare a jump to the opposite wide narrow ledge

Hang from the narrow ledge and stand up

More narrow ledges above Lara


Jump four times to higher narrow ledges (each time pressing B4). Shimmy all the way left and prepare for a jump to a left narrow ledge. Let go to the lower narrow ledge. Shimmy left to another narrow ledge and drop down to a larger ledge. Pull up and see a bizarre construction: a golden grapple ring and a stick in a floor rail.

On the highest narrow ledge shimmy left

Prepare a left jump

Drop down to the lower narrow ledge

Shimmy to the left narrow ledge

Drop down to lower ledge where you hang from

Pull up to the room you were directed to and see what is inside


Grapple on the ring, slowly step backwards to hang from the edge and look how a door will open on your right side, caused by the mechanism in the rail.
Hang all the way down and swing right-left right for momentum. You have to find the correct height to land on the ledge with the open door and that will happen automatically. So go up in little steps and keep trying until you land hanging from the edge. The correct position to start swinging is from the second stone above the ledgeís extension to the left. Youíll hang from the edge, pull up and get inside before the door goes down. But OK, youíre inside now.

Going down from the wall and the door on your right is going up

The lowest point: the door on your right has fully opened

The correct position for starting your swing


Pull up and get into the room while the door is closing down


Take the Jaguar Head from the pedestal. Turn right and take a Health Potion. On the other side smash a jar that is containing Treasure #4.

Take the Jaguar Head

Take the Health Potion

Collect Treasure #4


To the right of the Jaguar pedestal there are two close walls for a chimney jump (where you found the Health Potion). Start from the left wall and pull up into the upper room facing a window with a finger plant. You will hear the growling of a large animal.

The two close walls for your chimney jump

The chimney jump

Pull up here


Go to the window and look down. You will see a panther running around in the garden below. Target and use your pistols to shoot it each time when the target becomes red. It will take a while but youíll finally will get him down.

Walk to the window and look down: target at the panther and keep shooting until heís well asleep


Now you have to make your way down from here. Hang from the window edge. You can drop all the way down from here taking a little damage.

Just drop down from the windowís edge


When you drop down in order to run to your bike you will be attacked by two panthers. Switch to the powerful guns and rid of them.

The Submachine guns were a good choice from the beginning


Turn away from the Temple and follow left along the dirt road. You will smash one of three jars containing Treasure #5. Hop down and pick up the Treasure.

Your 5th Treasure found by breaking a jar


When turning left youíll see some stairs leading down.

A stairway going down


Turn all the way left behind and look for a brown jar containing Treasure #6.

Treasure #6 is in this jar


Then on the other side in a corner there is Treasure #7 in another brown jar.

And here is Treasure #7


Get on the bike, go left and ride from the stairs. Go on and ride up a flight of stairs again. Youíll end up by another ruin.

Your ride to a second ruin

The wall of the second ruin


Get off the bike here. Go left and notice two jars and a Health Potion. Take the potion and Treasure #8 hidden in one of the jars.

Get off the bike here

A Potion and a Treasure


Go left to the top of the steps leading to the Templeís entrance and find two corpses (Soldiers or Guards?) lying there.

Two corpses on your menu


Left you find a Health Potion and two jars of which on contains your 9th Treasure. Collect both.

The Potion and the two jars


Crawl under the opening.

The opening leads to a courtyard


Approach the circle in the courtyard.

Get into the circle


A Cut Scene starts:
Lara takes her camera: The Mayan Calendar had only 360 days, and the remaining five were named the Unnamed Days. The Maya believed that each year when the Unnamed Days arrived, the gate to the underworld would open.

Lara walks to the edge and looks down to a lower plaza.

A lower place

Sublevel 2: