Tomb Raider Anniversary

Written and Illustrated by Dr. Hugh

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Lara still in good shape

Yes she’s back, Miss. Lara Big Boop Croft!

This Game is a remake of the very original first Tomb Raider of 1996, but done by Crystal Dynamics (Soul Reaver, Kain etc.). However, in fact it is a completely new game.

First of all, the Game Engine is that ofTomb Raider Legend  with excellent graphics and the story line is entirely different – although based on the original game. It is best to consider it as a new game in the series. A good game it is!

The walkthrough has two parts:

-        -    Lara Croft’s Mansion
-        The genuine Levels (Peru, Greece, Egypt and Lost Island)

It is imperative to play and finish the Mansion first, mainly because of some essential attributes you will find in there. Also, because here you will learn how to control Lara and get her acquainted with her various skills. They’re quite similar to the skills in Legend but not to be compared with those of the original 1996 game.

The Controls

I’ve played this game from a pre-released version that was distributed amongst some privileged persons and companies. Your most honorable was one of them. I presume there will be more features in next versions, but the game will still be the same.

Basically, you start it up and will get the main menu.

The main menu with the Manor highlighted

In this version the controls are pre-set, for the keyboard and mouse, as well as for any Gamepad you are using. I always use the Logitech Dual Rumblepad, which comes cordless. Not that I have assets or any other profit from the Logitech Company, but simply because this gamepad comes closest to the PlayStation Gamepad and I simply find this one the best on the market. So this isn’t advertising at all.

The controls for the keyboard and the Rumblepad are pre-set and can’t be changed. For the time being, here they are:

Movement WADS/arrows Left analog Joystick
Action E Button 1
Jump Spacebar Button 4
Looking around Mouse Right analog Joystick
Reset Camera J Button 7
Crouch/Roll Left Shift Button 3
Draw Weapon G Button 5
Focus Weapon Z Button 10
Shoot Target H Button 6
Grapple Q Button 2
Pause ESC Button 11
Select ENTER Button 4
Gear TAB Button 12
ESC ESC Button 3

Please note that Weapons and Grapple are not available yet.

The Pause function looks like this:

Pause Menu

Here you will find the Options menu. In this Menu you can add your Gamepad and the vibration function (if your Gamepad has such a function – the Rumblepad does).

Options Selector

Gamepad made functional

There is also a Language option where you can add English subtitles.


When you start the game the first time you will be prompted to name a Profile. Select any name you like. Later on you can make more Profiles if you wish.
After you name a Profile you will be playing in that Profile unless you change Profiles. At that moment a folder (with your Profile’s name) is created in:
C:\My Documents\Eidos\Tomb Raider Anniversary\<Profile>.
This folder contains two important files: Profile and Autosave. You must never touch these files.
The Autosave file has nothing to do with Autosaves because there are no Autosaves in this game. It is a memory storage file that automatically saves your progress, like the Sublevels you’ve finished, the Relics and Artifacts you found in there and the bonuses you acquired from these.

Throughout the Sublevels you will get CHECKPOINTS. The latest Checkpoint is stored in the Autosave file. If you quit and restart later you will resume from your latest Checkpoint. Therefore it is a good idea to create a Savegame at each Checkpoint. To do so pause the game and go to the main menu where you can save the game. When you save the game a new file is created in the mentioned path with the name you gave that particular Savegame.

When you quit and restart you now have the option to resume the game from your latest Checkpoint, or to load a Savegame. However, keep in mind that the Autosave file has stored your progress until the latest Checkpoint. That means it stored your important findings like Relics and Artifacts as well. So those will have disappeared from the game.

This also implies that when you copy a Savegame – say from a friend - in your own Profile you will lose all former items and bonuses, and neither will you be able to replay a Sublevel (normal or timed). That is because the Savegame is not compatible with your Autosave file. You will be able to continue the game from that load though but without the goodies. So when you import an alien Savegame you must first manually make a new Profile folder and also copy your friend’s Profile and Autosave files in there. Even then the new Autosave file will have stored all things until your friend’s last Checkpoint.

Just to say: do not import alien Savegames into your profile if you care for the bonuses. If you like to replay certain Sublevels always make a new Profile that matches the alien Savegame.

You can then also replay a Sublevel in a timed mode. That means: you’ll get a ticker showing a certain time you get to finish the Sublevel. If you finish the Sublevel on time you will get one Cheat option for the entire game. That will also be stored in your Autosave file and can be activated through the menu. The best of all Cheats is the one-shot-kills Cheat. If you ever get that one, you can play the game standing on your head.

Patch Instructions

If you would like to play the game with full cheats and with unlimited Ammo and Health you can download a Patch from the Gamesover Website or personally from me. Find the Email addresses in the small letters above.
Unzip the file and copy the folder called Samsi to the path:
C:\My Documents\Eidos\Tomb Raider – Anniversary.

Start the Game and select Change Profile. You will have the choice between your own <Profile> (the name you gave it) and Samsi.
Select Samsi and Start Game.

Play the game in the Samsi Profile


First go to Options and select Cheats. Press Select (B4). Now you can see the entire list of available Cheats.

Get the full list of Cheats


As you will notice all Cheats are inactivated. Activate them one by one by highlighting one and toggle the left stick left/right .

Activating the Cheats


-         Infinite Health: invulnerability. Your Health Meter will stay maximal so you don’t need Medipacks anymore

-         Infinite Breath: be like a fish under water, you can’t drown

-         Infinite Shotgun Ammo, Infinite 50 Caliber Pistol Ammo, Infinite Mini SMG Ammo and All Weapons: You have All Guns with Infinite Ammo in any Sublevel

-         Silver Mini SMG’s: a more powerful range than the normal ones

-         Golden Shotgun: kills enemies with one shot only (not Bosses though)

-         Show Enemy Health: each enemy has a health bar

-         Sunglasses: a cuter look for Lara

-         Textureless Mode: better avoid this – you’ll get pale colors

The Silver SMG’s and the Golden Shotgun


Remember to activate the Cheats each time you resume the game!

Leave this window and go to the Main Menu where you select Play Game. You’ll get a new window of which the 3rd selection is Replay Level.

Select Replay Level


You will then get a list of all Sublevels of the game including Croft Mansion. Select one and start your game in the full cheat mode having all Artifacts and Relics.

Here I selected Midas’s Palace (Level Greece)


Throughout the Sublevels you will notice purple Diamonds hovering around. If you activate one the game makers will start babbling about the game and how they made it. You don’t really want to hear that stuff.

Should you wish to play in your own Profile again you can switch any time.

Your Humble Servants

So here we present our team:

Dr. Hugh aka Samsi (Antwerp, Belgium): Author and screenshots (taken with HyperSnap Vs. 6.13.01)
Diane Eaton (Wake Forest, North Carolina, USA): correcting the English Language
Bert Jamin (Zoetermeer, The Netherlands): turning the text and illustrations into a website available free walkthrough with a nice layout

And now…

Head to Croft Manor and enjoy this wonderful adventure game!