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Entering Babylon, Tutorial Sublevel

Entering Babylon, The Ramparts

Entering Babylon, The Harbor District

Entering Babylon, The Streets of Babylon

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Level 1

Entering Babylon

Tutorial Sublevel


After a few cut scenes where the ship has been shot and sunk in the river Euphrates, the Prince will escape from the water and enter the City of Babylon, which is occupied and in a terrible mess.

The first part of this Level is a Tutorial. You will learn how to control the Prince’s acrobatic Skills, whether you’re playing on the Keyboard or with a Gamepad. The game will tell you the exact Key/Button or combination of them to use.

With a gamepad you’ll also have a very nice extra option: vibration. When the Prince jumps down or an explosion takes place you will feel the gamepad vibrating in your hands.

You will learn how to run and roll under a lowering door or through a hole, how to climb up on a ledge, pull up and how to jump from one ledge to another and how to move up and down a ladder.

Also learn how to jump and grab a column, move up and down, left and right and how to jump backward to the next column or ledge. Move towards a block to auto climb...

Some special Skills introduced in Warrior Within are still applicable in this game:

-         running up a vertical wall and doing a backward jump (e.g. to grab a bar hanging up high)

-         running along a wall from one ledge to another.

The Prince running along a wall


Further Skills are: jumping to a narrow ledge, hanging down and shimmying left or right, and jump down from it or pulling up. The fighting and combo Skills will be taught in due time.

After a number of acrobatic tricks you should master, the Prince will reach his 1st Drinking/Saving Fountain. When drinking from such a Fountain, the Prince’s Stamina will be fully restored and you will be given the option to save the game or not. Later on you may also drink from other water sources like pools that will fill up your Stamina, but there you won’t be able to save the game.

It's better to always save whenever you can. When nearing the Fountain an Icon will appear in the top left corner of your screen, showing the circular Stamina Meter and 6 circles of which 3 are already activated but not functional yet. Those are your Sand Tanks. You can’t use them at this point, but we’ll soon find out what they’re for.

Drinking from a Save Fountain

Click on save


Your 1st Saved Game is called The Ramparts. Next time when you start the game you will see the Load Option and the game will start from your position by the Save Fountain.

How to load a Saved Game


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