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The Ramparts

The Fortress

The Palace Courtyard

The Treasure Vaults

The Stables

The Works

The Fortress Courtyard

The Fortress Gates

The Prison

The Sewer

The Baths

The Royal Chambers

The Observatory

The Throne Room

The Terrace

The Rooftop Gardens

The Aqueducts

Solomon's Tomb

The Ruins of Rekem

Rekem's Throne Room

The Sacred Fountain

The Rekem Reservoir

Solomon's Hall

The King's Tower

The Palace

The Final Climb


The Plot

The Prince has traveled across Persia, having been sent to visit his brother Malik, who has taken command of a contested Kingdom at the edge of their father’s territory.
It is their father’s wish for the Prince to learn leadership and battle skills from his brother – but when the Prince arrives, the Kingdom is already on the verge of being overwhelmed by a much stronger enemy force.

Malik releases a legendary magical army that was said to belong to King Solomon. He hopes it will stop the invaders, but instead the army turns against Malik – changing his remaining people to statues, and causing a storm that threatens to overwhelm the Palace.

The Prince and his brother are separated, but he finds help in Razia, a Queen of the Djinn, who remembers the army’s creation, and knows how to stop it.
With her aid, the Prince must find a way to defeat the army and save the Kingdom before sand covers everything.


A new Prince

This Prince has become younger and looks more like the Prince we know from The Sands of Time.  Quite a handsome and realistic guy I must admit.

The new Prince of Persia

He still has all the acrobatic skills we remember from the previous Games. It is a good idea to thoroughly read the Manual first and get acquainted with some new features though. Should you have lost the Manual you can get an Adobe  PDF Manual by mailing a request to Gamesover (address is in the small text under the title) and we’ll mail you one.

The XBOX 360 Controller for Windows

This Game is preset for the XBOX 360 Controller for Windows (Cordless or regular), although it can be played with the Mouse/Keyboard as well.
The main buttons of the Gamepad are A, B, X and Y.

A – green
B- red
Y – yellow
X – blue

In November a newer version of the XBOX Controller will be released with an improved D-Pad. But the main buttons won’t be colored anymore. They will be in grey. So I will indicate the buttons by their names in the contemporary colors.

If you activate the Gamepad with the middle button by pressing it a few seconds you will get a green circular segment that means the Gamepad is ready. Then start the Game.
The Controls are very basic and simple.
If the Gamepad is activated you will get all button hints for the Gamepad.
Go to the Game Options (press A):

The Game Options


Press RB and browse down to Change Controls. Press A and see the Game Controls for the XBOX Gamepad and the Mouse/Keyboard.

Change Controls


Although you can change any button it is advisable to stick to the default configuration, because it is well balanced.

The Game Controls


Turn on the Vibration  function and allow the Tutorials.

Starting a New Game

You will first be asked what difficulty level you would prefer. You have a choice between Normal and Easy.

I selected Normal


The Prince will then arrive at the tower of a Palace and take a drink from a fountain where he notices the reflection of a woman in the water.
Prince: This place is very familiar...

Who are you? What have you done?


Prince: You ask as if I were a Ruffian, a wanderer with no place in this Palace.
Know that I am a son to King Sharaman, and brother of Prince Malik, who rules here in our Father’s name.
I did not come here seeking a mythical army. I was sent to study alongside my brother – that someday I might be as great a leader as he is.
Meantime we see the Prince riding on his horse in a desert on his way to a Fortress at war.
Prince: This territory was once the heart of King Solomon’s mighty Empire. According to legend it holds a secret we are sworn to protect.
Perhaps that secret is the reason the Fortress is much sought-after by neighboring Kingdoms. Malik was sent here so the army would have a strong commander, to discourage attacks.
But even Malik’s famed strength could not discourage everyone

The Prince arrives at the Fortress and notices a fierce war going on.

The Fortress at war


After some acrobatic tricks and jumps he ends up at the top of a staircase. Here you get the Controls over the Prince.

Well, this is not the glad welcome I was expecting


Press \ to get the Pause Menu.

The Pause Menu


You can load from the last Checkpoint, Resume or Quit to the main Menu.

Select Yes or Cancel

If you quit to the main Menu you will lose any unsaved progress.
There are no manual Save options. Only Checkpoints that will be constantly overwritten. So far I don’t know the path where those Savegames are. Otherwise I could copy them to another partition and use them if necessary.

Glitches and Bugs

Unfortunately this excellent Game is very susceptive to glitches/bugs.
I have played the Game three times and always found other bugs. Some of them are very nasty.
The most common are these:
1.      You end up in a location where you can’t get out. Then you must start a new Game.
2.     The XP (Experience Points) are not always shown. You get them when defeating enemies, mostly Sand Creatures. When an Upgrade Point is reached you will be warned though.
3.     Sometimes you suddenly get like 8 Upgrades without having the correct number of XP. In that case you cannot get more Upgrades with your next XP because they are not registered in the Upgrade Menu. Then you must start a new Game.
4.     If you use the XBOX 360 Controller for Windows the button suggestions sometimes switch to those of the keyboard. Then stop the Game and restart from the last Checkpoint .

For those who have partitions: do NOT install the Game in another partition.  That would only cause more glitches. I use Windows 7, so better install it in the Program files – like suggested when installing.

The hidden Sarcophagi

Throughout the Game there are 21 Sarcophagi you can collect – destroying them will raise your XP. I will indicate where to can find them in the different Levels.

And now we’re ready for Level 1: