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No Name

This fine new Prince of Persia Game has no name like its predecessor had: Prince of Persia – The Two Thrones. It is simply called Prince of Persia and in order not to mix it up with the very first and original Prince of Persia (on a Floppy Disk) I have named the Walkthrough of this newest Game Prince of Persia – 2008.

The new Prince of Persia Title


The installation takes quite some time as it is a very big game and well detailed too. At the end it will update your DirectX and then you will be asked to restart your computer to finish the installation.
Then you will get the Main Menu with the following items:
New Game, Load Game, Options, Extras, Quit.
As you can see, there is no Save Game item yet. Later on you can load any Savegame with the Load Game tab.

The Main Menu


Select the Options tab: Display, Sound, Combo List, Controls.

The Options Menu


First select the Display tab. Allow Tutorials. Click on Back on the lower left corner to return to the previous menu.

The Display Menu

Click on yes (Tutorials)


It would also be a good idea to read the Manual.

Under Extras there is a Skin Manager. You need the Pre-Order Code to use the Manager. Press Yellow to get the screen for entering you 8 digits code on the back of your Game Package. For now you only have Prince active.

The Skin Manager

Enter your 8 digits code


Xbox 360 Gamepad for Windows

Then select the Controls tab.
You will find the Controls for the Mouse/Keyboard and for the only kind of Gamepad you can use for this Game: The Xbox 360 Cordless Controller for Windows. Yes, Microsoft manufactures this animal, exactly identical to the Xbox 360 Gamepad, but with a USB stick to a receiver for the Cordless Gamepad. This model version is made for the PC, not for the Xbox 360.
Fortunately I had that Gamepad bought especially for the Game BioShock, which could also only be controlled by this Xbox Gamepad.
If you’re going to use this Gamepad turn on the Vibrations.

The Controls Menu


It is quite different from the Logitech Dual Rumblepad which is a lookalike of the PlayStation 3 Gamepad. For those who are not used to this lookalike of the Xbox 360 controller here are some facts:

-         the Left Analog Stick (LAS) and the D-Pad are interchanged, meaning LAS is positioned at the top left and D-Pad under LAS, a bit to the right. The Right Analog Stick (RAS) is at the same position of the PS3 Gamepad. LAS and RAS can also be used as pushbuttons.

-         The square of 4 main buttons is at the top right and has colors (anti-clockwise from below): A (green), B (red), Y (yellow), X (Blue).

-         It has a central button marked with a rounded “X”: push it in for a few seconds and one of the quadrants will light up.

-         Left and right of the central button are two small white buttons called Back (left) and Start (right). Button Back has an arrow pointing to the right (we’ll indicate this by “/”) and button Start has one pointing to the left (“\”).

-         The lower front buttons are called LT (left) and RT (right).

-         The upper front buttons are called LB (left) and RB (right).

It all looks very logical, doesn’t it? That’s Microsoft style. But that’s not all of it. When you open the Controls you can hardly read or see what buttons are meant.

You can hardly read anything here


Therefore I’ll provide this table:

Move forward LAS up
Move Backward LAS down
Move left LAS left
Move right LAS right
Move sideward left LB
Move sideward right RB
Block/Gripfall/Drop RT
Attack X (blue)
Move Camera up RAS up
Move Camera down RAS down
Move Camera left RAS left
Move Camera right RAS right
Talk LT
Elika (Combo) Y (yellow)
Use/Lift Attack B (red)
Jump A (green)
Map /
Menu /Pause \
Back (in Menus) B (red)
Select (in Menus) A (green)

You can have a look at the Combo Menu too, but the Combos will become clear in due time.

Start a New Game

You will be loading:

Into the Storm


A short Intro will now start where two voices are speaking in mysterious riddles:
All you must do is ask.
The asking is yours.

You know what it is that I ask

If I would have your wish, then give me... mine.

Next a cinematic will show the Prince running in a stormy desert landscape.
The wind is free, but the sand goes where it is blown. Unaware of the world around it. Whirling on the breath of the Gods, at the mercy of the storm that engulfs it.
Prince: FARAH?
Narrator: What is one grain of sand in the desert? One grain amongst the storm?

Then we see the Prince tumbling all the way into a deep canyon. He stands up.

Meet the new Prince of Persia in full glory!


Then he shouts again: FARAH?!
Suddenly a girl jumps from a higher ledge on top of the Prince. But it isn’t Farah.

She wants the Prince to be quiet


And we immediately see why. Three men with spears standing above near a tower were chasing her. But the Prince and the mysterious girl have already hidden.

The girl was running from these three Guards


Guard: I told you she didn’t come this way. Come on.
The Guards leave and the girl runs away from the Prince who is pointing at her:
Hey! At least tell me your name...!

Now you are getting some control instructions. If you Pause here (\) you will see a screen among which is a Save Game tab that is not activated (yet).

Enjoy now, and go on starting LEVEL 1