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Level 1: The Flea Market

Level 2: Marlinspike

Level 3: Karaboudjan

Level 4: Bagghar

Level 5: Brittany

Level 6: Back to Marlinspike



Belgium: the Comic Kingdom of the World

There is no place on earth where high quality Comics are so abundant like in tiny, little Belgium. Ever since the beginning of the 20th Century they were published in all sizes and formats. And here Comics were officially lifted up to the status of a genuine Art: the Ninth Art!

Among all the Authors and Drawers one is truly standing out: Georges Remy from Brussels . A script writer and author who called himself Hergé – based on the initials of his name: Remi George (or R.G. like I will refer to him from now on).
R.G. created a young hero: a sulphur-crested reporter he baptized Kuifje (Kuif-je = little crest).
A perfectionist as he used to be R.G. only drew 24 albums since 1929, all of an outstanding quality: good script, fine drawings and extremely well documented.
Some of the albums took 4 to 5 years to finish!
He also did the French language versions himself where Kuifje was called Tintin.
So whenever an album was released a Flemish (Dutch) and a French version appeared simultaneously by his hand, each for the two language populations of Belgium.
Later his albums were translated into 50 languages or even more...

Steven Spielberg and R.G.

In 1981 Spielberg’s Indiana Jones: Raiders of the Lost Ark  was released and R.G. became a big fan of this kind of Adventures. R.G. contacted Spielberg and wished he would do a Tintin movie. Spielberg was under the impression of R.G.’s Comic Art and they decide to meet in 1983. Unfortunately, when Spielberg was on the plane from London to Brussels R.G. died of Leukemia. So they never met, but the link was established: if ever a Tintin movie would be produced, Steven would direct! And the heirs agreed on that.

2011: the Movie!

30 years later now. Together with Peter Jackson (N.Z.) Spielberg made The Secret of the Unicorn  by “Motion Capture Performance”. The movie is based on three successive albums of R.G.
Here are the three original prints of De Avonturen van Kuifje Series (from Bert Jamin’s Kuifje albums collection):

De Krab met de Gulden Scharen (The Crab with the Golden Claws)

Het Geheim van de Eenhoorn (The Secret of the Unicorn)

De Schat van Scharlaken Rackham (The Treasure of Red Rackham)

And now... the Game!

Together with the release of the film a matching Game was released by Ubisoft.

Credits to the owners


Insert the DVD and install the Game.

Installing the Game


You can either play the Game by the Keyboard/Mouse configuration or by the XBOX 360 Controller for Windows (recommended).
I will use the XBOX Buttons throughout this Walkthrough. For now you only need the Left Joystick (L) but the Game will give you instructions which extra Buttons to use at the right time.

Start the Game


You will then get 3 saving slots to select from.

Select a saving slot


The path of the Saved Games is:
C:/Users/<your name>/My Documents/The Adventures of Tintin

Saved Games and Checkpoints will be indicated by a black screen where Tintin and Snowy are running in the lower right corner.

Then you’ll see Tintin’s Desk.

Tintin’s Desk


There are 3 modes to play:

-        Tintin

-        Tintin & Haddock

-        Challenges

Select “Tintin” first and play as such.
“Tintin and Haddock” is meant for playing with a friend – although you may play it alone too. Do this after having finished the Game in “Tintin” mode.
In “Challenges” you may enjoy the side Games.

The Menu

In the Menu you’ll find the Options. Here you can get English subtitles (recommended).

The Menu



You can also edit the controls.

XBOX 360 Controller for Windows


And finally you’ll get the Notebook. Here you may check on the Levels and Chapters you’ve already played.

The Notebook


Story Plot

Intrepid boy-reporter Tintin and his quick-witted Fox dog Snowy are investigating the Secret of the Unicorn. They are hot on the trail of three 17th Century Scrolls that may lead to one of the greatest sunken treasures in all history, but it soon becomes apparent they aren’t the only ones looking...

Game Features

Tintin Mode


LIFE GAUGE: shows how many Life Points you have left.
HEALTH KITS: pick up Health Kits to regain Life Points.
GOLDEN CRABS: chests are hidden throughout the Levels. They contain Crabs with Golden Claws. Find them all to unlock new Bonuses. Press < (BACK) to show your Crab Counter.
NOTEBOOK: shows your progression in the Game. For each Level already played, a Counter indicates the number of Crabs that you have found and how many remain to be discovered.


Find your own way of playing: try using different items and objects on your enemies to discover new methods of tripping them up.

Play Time now!

May you all enjoy this wonderful Game:
The Adventures of Tintin – The Secret of the Unicorn!

Dr. Hugh
October 27, 2011
Brussels, Belgium


The Flea Market