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Herbology, Gillyweed

Herbology, Exploring Greenhouses

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Level 7


Exploring Greenhouses

Back on the Checkpoint Jinx/Accio the Bucket and the Wheel car many times for Beans. Cast Herbivicus on 3 Pads in the Flower beds. Now open the gate and enter the Arena. Immediately lift the nearest small rock and drag it upon the central open hole. Repeat with a second rock. Some Vampyr Mosps may already have escaped from their nest but two small rocks will definitely seal off the entrance and youíll be safe.

(NOTE: the big rock will do the job on its own, but then you need combined Wingardium Leviosa and by that time loads of Vampyr Mosps would already have emerged from the hole).

Seal off the hole with two small rocks on your own


Take a Pumpkin Pastie and Jinx/Accio the Pots in the corner. See that block? Move it with combined forces up to the platform on top of the first set of stairs. The block was standing in front of an opening Ė the one where that second Skrewt escaped from last time.

Move the block to the stairs


Climb the stairs and the block and Herbivicus some of the Pads to reach the alcove containing the Triwizard Shield.

Enter the cave and take the Triwizard Shield


Beam back to the Level Select Screen and return to the Checkpoint. Again get all goodies and open the gate. Immediately run to the Pumpkin Pastie, grab it and then to the block.

Run past the Pumpkin Pastie on your way to the block


You can pass the gaps between the block and the entrance. The passage ends in a Greenhouse with a Pond carrying a Triwizard Shield and the only opening to enter the Pond is in front of it.

The opening to the Pond


Keep running left where two giant purple Flower Pads are that attract the Vampyr Mosps. Open the second one with Herbivicus, while your partners are trying to keep the attacking Vampyr Mosps at a distance. This will attract the Mosps for a while you then open the first Mosp Pad

First open the second Mosp Pad

Then the first



Now while the Vampyr Mosps are hovering around the open Flowers run to the opening and open the first two Lily Pads.

See how the Mosps are hovering about the Flower?


When the second Lily Pad is open the Vampyr Mosps will already attack. Run back to the purple Pads and open one of them. Quickly return to the Pond and open the following Lily Pad. You may die two or three times tops, but this is the way to do it with the least damage done.

Coming closer now

Almost there!


Grab your Triwizard Shield and beam back to the Level Select Screen. The last two Moodyís Challenges should now be unlocked, but letís instead return for the final Shields of this Herbology Level.

Take all the goodies in the octagonal star-tile area, open the gate, run up the stairs while grabbing the Pumpkin Pastie, before the Vampyr Mosps will attack and enter the area with the small glass Greenhouse where youíve been before. Keep running to the Draw-Bridge on your left and pull it down before the Vampyr Mosps start attacking.

Notice a Mini-Shield in front of the first Draw-Bridge

Pull down the second Draw-Bridge first


Turn left and Accio a Pumpkin Pastie on the window.

Turn left behind the Bridge


Turn around the corner, take your 10th and final Mini-Shield, and lower another Draw-Bridge. Youíll see the Triwizard Shield as your reward for your complete set of Mini-Shields.

Lower the Draw-Bridge

Take your Triwizard Shield


And there we go again to the Level Select Screen where you immediately must return to Herbology. Take the goodies and run up again to that previous Draw-Bridge. Run around the corner until you find a new Draw-Bridge and pull it down. Return around the Greenhouse and enter the first entrance on your left.

Now you can cross this Draw-Bridge


Turn right and lower the next Draw-Bridge. Turn around and take the first entrance to the Greenhouse on your left. Turn left and enter the Greenhouse and cross the Bridge on your right.

Turn left and go in again


Turn all around the corner of the Greenhouse until you meet your next Draw-Bridge.

Also lower this Draw-Bridge


Turn around the Greenhouse corner again and enter the first opening on your left. Turn left and at the Bridge turn right.

Cross the bridge and run to the first Greenhouse.


Now turn right and find the Triwizard Shield you saw there before.

Take the Triwizard Shield!


Back to the Level Select Screen select Herbology and backtrack all the way to the beginning of the Level. Take all the goodies on the way back. Now the Butotuver will be standing there so you can catapult it to the bed of poisonous Mushrooms and take the Triwizard Shield.

Get rid of those Mushrooms


Back in the Level Select Screen select Herbology and backtrack all the way again, but this time to the Gazebo where you found the Herbivicus Book. Donít forget to pick up all Beans and other goodies wherever you can find them. Pick up the Cauldron on the backside of the Gazebo and smash the wall between the vines. Use Herbivicus to approach the Triwizard Shield.

Smash the wall...

and get the Shield


After the Level Select Screen open the gate and return via the stairs to the last Greenhouse where you found the Gillyweed. Back down in the Garden you will be attacked by ever appearing Dugbogs.

Take your 5th and last Shovel from under the tree and catapult the Butotuver in the middle of the field to the poisonous bed of Mushrooms blocking the final Triwizard Shield on your right (targeting is extremely hard since the Buto is quite far away). Beam back to the Level Sect Screen and return one last time for a very important mission!

Here you have to be FAST AND LUCKY!! From the octagonal star-shaped Checkpoint run up the stairs to the catwalk of the Greenhouse with the large Pond. When you run from the stairs above the top right landing of the Pond you will see the Vanishing Card!

Turn around: the Card is visible in the lower right corner.


Hurry all the way along the catwalk to the stairs on the left side that lead into the Pond, thereby opening numbers of Flower Pads to pass. Then youíll have to open the correct path that leads through the Pond straight to the landing. If you are lucky and arenít knocked unconscious numerous times by the Vampyr Mosps, you might reach the landing and still catch the Card before it vanishes.

Right on time!


Press ESC and Select End Level. In the Level Select Screen look at the Quests Screen. Now you have your 5 Vanishing Cards and earned the extra 6th Large Card!

Your completed set of Vanishing Cards


At this point I would suggest you return to the previous Levels and finish them off with the newly earned Herbivicus Spell.

Now up to Level 8: Triwizard Task 2: the Lake ...