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Hogwarts Exterior, The Pond

Hogwarts Exterior, The Rooftop

Hogwarts Exterior, The Tower

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Level 2

Hogwarts Exterior

The Tower


When you have unlocked a set of 6 Boost Cards for a Player (Stamina, Jinx and Accio), it is time to purchase such a complete set now before starting this Sublevel. Purchase a full set (if you have one or more) for Harry, Ron and Hermione, since you are loaded with Beans at this point. After the purchase of Harry’s Cards this is what the first set should look like:

A big Card will be added to Set 1


In Harry’s Set 2 you will also obtain a special Double Jinx Card. The pictures are taken from the movie:

Harry’s Set 2


Also purchase Cards for Ron and Hermione. In their first sets a special Card is available: Friendship. When Hermione or Ron stands next to a friend with the same Card, their Stamina will replenish. This Card will require 200 Beans though!

When you get the Stamina/Jinx/Accio Screen, fill in the required Cards for each Person. When starting the Sublevel you will notice that Harry’s Magicus Extremos meter has now increased. From now on keep an eye on your number of Beans and purchase every Boost Card you can.

Continue along the path and shake all the Beans out of the Goblet in the corner. Move some rocks and follow the path to the right until you find a grilled door to be opened with Carpe Retractum.

Open the following door and climb the stairs until you find a draw-bridge that you must pull down with a combined Cast of Carpe Retractum. When crossing the bridge you’ll encounter your first “interesting” Creature. One-eyed Moody was warning you about: an Erkling... a lousy creep that launches poisonous arrows with a blow-pipe!

Meet your first Erkling!


Quickly multiple Jinx the half-plant which may then turn it into a Rabbit or a Chicken and Jinx that again to extract loads of precious Beans. You may also squeeze the creature with a small rock that is nearby, but you have to act fast. Turn right and Retract another draw-bridge. Enter the new rooftop and collect your 9th Mini-Shield.

The 9th Mini-Shield... still one to go!


There are two draw-bridges on your left and in the next area 3 more Erklings are shooting poisonous arrows at our friends. Retract one of the bridges and face them with combined forces. Now it’s safe in there, so return to the previous section and shake all Beans out of a Goblet standing in the corner.

Proceed again to the next area, Accio a reward and find another Goblet with no Beans. Climb the stairs and turn another Erkling into a Chicken. Cast combined Aqua Retracto to extinguish the fire and get some more Beans.

On your right a set of stairs is leading upwards. Up there send 3 more Erklings to Kingdom Come, Jinx your 5th and final Dark Detector and empty a Goblet. From this point you will see two ramps going downward: one leading to a Dragon Statue and the other to an opposite walkway where you see your final Mini-Shield. First descend the ramp on your right and Jinx your 5th Dragon Statue. Now go down the other ramp and collect your 10th and final Mini-Shield.

From here you can see the Dragon Statue and the Mini-Shield


Turn left and go up the stairs with the Blue Beans. On top of the Tower you will find 2 Triwizard Shields.

One Shield on the left and one in the middle


Now this is getting tricky here. Whatever Shield you may take, you’ll be beamed back to the Level Select Screen and will have to return all the way to collect the other one. Approaching the middle Shield will launch all sorts of Devils, so better avoid that for now.

The safe Shield on the left is the one you’ve earned from collecting 10 Mini-Shields. First get some rewards here before picking up the safe Shield. Accio the rewards on top of the pedestals and extinguish the fires. Then take the safe Shield.

Although it is not really necessary, return to Hogwarts Exterior. Back outside you also may consider replaying the Rooftop and the Pond in order to retrieve more Beans. It is a good idea to choose another Character this time, meaning Ron or Hermione. You will find two more Chocolate Frogs on the Rooftop. Back on top of the Tower approach the central Triwizard Shield. A sudden fire will start and loads of Erklings will attack:

This is turning into hell...


Cast all Spells to get rid of these walking plants and extinguish the central fire with triple combined Aqua Eructo.

Finally you can take your 7th Triwizard Shield


You’ll upgrade again and new Moody’s Challenges will be unlocked. Again, if you have the time (and the courage), please replay this entire 2nd Level as Hermione, and then again as Ron! Since x you know this Level by heart, it will be a piece of cake! Your other Characters will collect sufficient Beans in order to purchase Boost Cards and you may really need them in the next Level – one of the hardest of all in this Game: Moody’s Challenges!

Select Hermione!


Up to Level 3: Moody's Challenges...