The Colour of Murder

 Len Green      28th October 2008    



        There should be no need to use this walkthrough since there is a very sophisticated & detailed hint system built into the game itself!  (It is fully described both in the tutorial and the Manual.)

          It has been excellently and almost uniquely devised for a non-linear game so that the player can get help at EVERY stage of the game without revealing future gameplay.

      ******    But if you so desire --- carry on !    ******




{A}   This walkthrough describes ALL the actions which you must take in order to succeed, together with a relatively small number which are not essential to completing the game.

        N.B.  The game contains quite a few ‘red herrings’.

However, please don’t use this walkthrough unless you absolutely have to.  Some aspects which are not absolutely imperative have been omitted.  A lot of these are interesting and provide much of the background story to the game, and particularly to the fascinating (and artistic) character, scenery and history of Norrköping … a relatively small town in Sweden , and home to the Developers, Mikael and Eleen Nyqvist.

{B}   Warning:-  The main purpose of this game is to examine items, interview people, view the interesting sights and scenery, and generally ‘act the tourist’, etc. .

If you simply take this walkthrough in your hand and follow exactly what to do and not to do, you can probably finish the game fairly quickly. However that would completely defeat its whole purpose!

{C}   The walkthrough does not do justice to “The Colour of Murder”!  A very great part of the interest and beauty of the game is wandering around through the vast number of locations, views, and residences… There are actually so many that I’m pretty certain that I missed a few !  :~)

          There is quite a lot of interesting material in Norrköping, a small but quite important city whose population is a little under 100,000 and whose original roots date back to the 14th century, or earlier! 

{D}   This is a first-person game and much of the intricacy and pleasure lies in browsing around … and as aforementioned there is a lot of that.  I personally frequently ‘got lost’ looking for some location or object (even occasionally inside a residence!), and sometimes after finding it, lost my way again on returning. to finishing the game.

{E}   TCoM” does not contain too many ‘stand-alone’ puzzles and those included are generally not too difficult.

However there IS one main puzzle for some players which runs right throughout the game.  It is the necessity to ramble around (maze-like) without losing one’s way and getting frustrated due to this. 

In general, the player is only told where to go, but not exactly how to get there, or even how to move around when actually there!  Where this is somewhat more tricky, simple descriptive hints are given to help in orientation. But there are a very few locations where this may not be sufficient for some players.  In those few cases this walkthrough contains instructions such as:-

Move right twice (R x 2); then move forward (F); then left three times (L x 3); then move forward five times (F x 5); and finally move right (R)again.

{F}   On entering every new location, it is highly advisable to browse around as much as possible in order to explore the general layout.  However, the walkthrough never tells you explicitly to do this!

{G}   You should most certainly NOT  have to follow the same order of accessing locations as described in this walkthrough since the game is VERY non-linearThere are a VERY GREAT number of permutations of routes, and it is most unlikely that two players will follow exactly the same itinerary.  In addition it is most likely that this walkthrough is not the best or even optimum route to play the game (and finish it completely)!

          Some locations of course will not appear on the map until you have completed certain tasks, and so a particular order is sometimes obligatory.  Other than this, you are free to visit (&/or revisit) as you wish !

{H}   There is no need to describe ANY of the ‘mechanics’ &/or interface of the game.  It is all contained in the Manual which is to be found in the “TCoM” folder on your Hard Disc (after installing of course), and also as a shortcut in the same program group as the installed game.

{I}   There is only one extremely short sequence where you have to act rather quickly, but if you do not succeed you are returned immediately so that you can try as often as you need.  There is no so-called ‘bad language’ or ‘adult material’. It is all first person and mouse driven point & click. There are full (and excellent) English subtitles for ALL speech.

{J}  As in most games, it is easy to make a wrong or redundant move!  So it is advisable to save frequently

There are over 100 save-slots… in case anybody needs that many!  Since each save is small, saving and loading is very rapid, presenting no delays to progress.

N.B.  There are absolutely NO dead-ends or crashes in the game!

{K}  EVERY TIME you obtain items, they appear in your inventory.  It’s always worthwhile observing each new inventory item by right clicking on it to get an excellent greatly enlarged picture of the item together with a very brief description of it.

N.B.  It is imperative to view, and sometimes to manipulate, some of the inventory items in close-up to complete the game.

{L}  There are no instructions in the walkthrough to close drawers, cupboards, cabinets, etc since the game ensures that you cannot continue if you do NOT!.

{M}  There are a number of puzzles in the game.  Wherever there is an outright spoiler, I have inserted it in smaller print and a light green color that is not TOO easy to read, as follows:-

Spoilers are inserted like this ………

I have done this deliberately since many players do not want to see spoilers unless absolutely essential.




In the text, all objects which are acquired and entered into the inventory are written in bold underlined red.

All objects which are taken & used from the inventory are written in bold underlined blue.


 If you are not too acquainted with this type of Quest-Adventure game, play through the short tutorial which will familiarize you with the controls and interface.

**** Otherwise… skip it! ****


[ 1 ] Home (Carol Reed’s apartment)  {1st visit}

*****  There are a few items of interest to look at… but not to use.

*****  There is nothing to do there at present.

*****  Exit to the map.

[ 2 ] Stina in the Store  {1st visit} 

*****  Enter the store.

*****  Talk to Stina.

*****  Exit to the map.

[ 3 ]  The Allotment  {1st visit}

*****  Locate the bright blue shed.

*****  Open the door.

*****  Take the Gum boots.

*****  On a bench, read the note to Carol from Willy.

*****  There is a red hut with a white door… “Willy’s shack”.

*****  Knock on the door.

*****  Talk to Willy and exhaust all dialog options.

*****  During the course of discussion obtain an Envelope (which came from Adrian’s trash) addressed to Harald Lund and a Key to his son Adrian’s apartment --- also receive Adrian’s address, and hear about a week old murder.

*****  Exit to the map.

 [ 3 ] Adrian ’s apartment  {1st visit}

*****  Adrian ’s Key enables automatic entry into his front door .

*****  Propped up against a table lamp is a work payment sheet from the “Zodel Moral Mission”.

*****  Look at it.

*****  Enter the bathroom.

*****  On one of the open shelves, next to a basket of clothes, is a membership card for the “Maximum Paintkillers”, the “Norrköping Paintball Club”, in the name of Adrian Vinkelman with a photograph.

*****  Enter the kitchen.

*****  Open a white drawer (below the microwave oven).

*****  Read the report “Murder in Central Norrköping ”.

This is the impetus for the whole game.

*****  Turn the report over and read the other side.

*****  Exit the kitchen.

*****  Exit Adrian ’s apartment.

*****  On the map notice THREE new locations.

[ 4 ]  The Theatre Workshop  {1st visit}

*****  When entering the workshop you meet a woman who is keeping an eye on the place whilst everyone is on vacation.

*****  Talk to her and exhaust all dialog options.

*****  At the end of the above dialogue you are automatically inside the empty theatre workshop.

Note the two baskets containing brown folders near the left side of the screen and to the left of a red fire extinguisher.

*****  Look around the ground floor before going upstairs.

*****  Go to the abovementioned pair of baskets on a wall ---  ingoing and outgoing.

*****  However, since the workshop is quite large, you may need some help.
If so
:- From the very first photo inside the workshop, proceed as follows – R, F x 2, R x 2,  F, F (on the right side of the screen), F, R, close-up.

*****  Pay special attention to the ingoing basket and examine close-up --- listen to what Carol has to say.

*****  Read the note hidden behind it (the brief two lines handwritten on white paper and initialed “S”).

*****  Locate the spiral staircase.

*****  Read the notice at the bottom of the stairs “Memorandum and phone list”.

*****  Take the Memorandum.

*****  Note one of the phone numbers - that of Stefan, the transport person.

*****  Climb the spiral stairs and examine the upper floor.

*****  Locate an orange coloured double chest of drawers… with 6 drawers on the left side and 4 drawers on the right side.

*****  Open one of the drawers - the third one down on the right side.

*****  Grab the birthday card with a Self-taken photo on it and examine it.

*****  Make your way down the spiral staircase, turn completely round (180 degrees), walk forward once, and turn left.

*****  Concentrate on a box with three symbols on it.

*****  By clicking each one they rotate exposing a different symbol.

*****  In order to open the box, each of the three symbols has to assume a specific shape.

          Since each symbol can assume 5 shapes (the same 5 for each symbol), it is possible to solve this puzzle the hard way by trying every one of the permutations until by chance you hit upon the correct one.  This can be tedious since there are 5 x 5 x 5 = 125 possibilities but if you go about it in an organised fashion it should be possible.

          However there is a much better and quicker way (indicated by a broad hint):- 

In inventory, look again carefully at the Self-taken photo mentioned above.  Specifically observe the image of the three symbols in the mirror behind and to the left of the photographer.  Remember that everything seen through a mirror undergoes lateral-inversion;  i.e. everything on the right appears on the left, and vice versa.  So the correct orientation is ………. \  X  I.

*****  Now you can open the box:  So do so using the handle on the middle of the right side.

*****  Take the (lower) Key from theatre workshop.

*****  Keeping on the ground floor, go to the computer and printer.

*****  However, once again, since the workshop is quite spread out, you may need some help.

If so:- From the very first photo inside the workshop, proceed as follows – R, F x 3, L, F, R, F x 2, L, F, R, F x 5, close-up.

*****  Alongside them notice a box of tea bags and look inside.

*****  Take the “Extra key”, the Key from tea package.

*****  Look around the ground floor until you get to a white door with a fairly large dirty splash of paint which has dripped downwards.

If you miss it, it is in the same area as a wall with three posters on it, the middle one being a representation of Napoleon… and underneath about three dozen tins of paints.

*****  Open the door and enter.

*****  You can’t do anything (as Carol notes) since it’s dark inside.  You need some illumination.

*****  So exit the door.

*****  VERY close by is a dark grey door:  Go to it.

*****  Look at the keyhole… you see a gear icon indicating that something is needed there.

*****  Use the Key from theatre workshop.

*****  Open the door and enter.

*****  Investigate inside and find a fuse board.

*****  Examine the fuse board and notice that the left two fuses are live (red lights) but not the right fuse.

*****  Press the switch beneath the right fuse and it is now also live.

*****  Leave that room.

*****  Return to the dark room mentioned just above… it is now lit up --- apparently the inoperative fuse had turned off the light in that room.

*****  Look around inside and see a letter from somebody called Iris to Harald on a filthy pair of sinks, propped up against a tin.

*****  Read the letter.

*****  Leave the room and leave the Theatre Workshop.

[ 5 ]  The  Zodel Moral Mission   {1st visit}

*****  Read the green brochure (alongside the newspaper).

*****  The Zodel Moral Mission representative appears and Carol talks to him.

*****  Exhaust all dialog options.

*****  Exit the Zodel Moral Mission .

[ 6 ]  Iris’ apartment  {1st visit}

*****  IMPORTANT NOTE:- You must have finished at the Zodel Moral Mission, as described above. before you can access Iris’ apartment.

*****  If you try to enter the front door, you can’t… as yet.

*****  Go to the ‘call panels’ at the side of the door.

*****  Enter the correct code to contact Iris – since her apartment is apparently #2, press the buttons “A” and then “2”.

*****  Iris tells you to enter.

*****  Talk to Iris and exhaust all dialog options.

*****  You automatically exit Iris’ apartment.

[ 7 ]  Harald’s apartment  {1st visit}

*****  Enter the building.

*****  Look at the apartment door marked Harald Lund in close-up.

*****  Unlock the front door using the Key from tea package and enter the apartment.

*****  Inside, close to the front door look at the envelope on the floor.

*****  Open the envelope and read its contents --- a ‘boat space rental agreement’ addressed to Harald Lund from the Calibri Marina.  Carol remarks, “So he owns a boat!” .

*****  Continue inside and view a large full screen 3 x 3 coloured matrix.  It is a puzzle; but cannot be solved until much later on.

*****  Underneath this, open the brown cabinet.

*****  Take the test tube from there.

*****  Nearby, on a red table, is a note.

*****  Read the note.  It is from Rebecca to Harald, requesting overdue rent for a fortnight.

*****  Exit Harald’s apartment.

[ 8 ] Home (Carol Reed’s apartment)  {2nd visit}

*****  Go to the kitchen and use the telephone there.

*****  Make a phone call – to the delivery man… if you don’t know his number, look in your inventory at the list you picked up from the theatre workshop (as described above) --- it is 187795.

*****  Exit Home.

[ 9 ]  Three Princes’ Alley  {1st visit}

*****  Examine the alley… Carol exclaims “So this is where the murder took place”.

*****  Find a red candle.

*****  Snatch it.

*****  Exit the Three Princes’ Alley.  

[ 10 ]  The Calibri Marina  {1st visit}

*****  Get onto the boat.

*****  There is a very tough blue canvas protection preventing entry.

*****  There is a zip in this canvas… open it.

*****  You can’t – “It’s stuck”.

*****  Ever heard of candle wax? 

Use the candle on the zip to loosen and free it.

*****  Enter the boat.

*****  Search around the cabins fore and aft.

*****  Find a note from Dennis to Harald concerning the ‘ph’ of some water.  On the note is a piece of yellow litmus paper to test ‘ph’ - i.e. acidity or alkalinity of liquids.

*****  Take the litmus paper.

*****  Keep looking around and take a boat hook.

*****  Continue and you’ll find a fish hook - take it also.

*****  Exit the yacht and the Calibri Marina. 

[ 11 ]  Harald’s apartment  {2nd visit}

*****  Inside the apartment go to the semi translucent round green plastic box with a key inside.

*****  Use the fish hook to open the box and take the Key from Harald’s apartmentN..B. You do not use the fish hook on the keyhole as you might think, but on the slit at the top of the box when it’s standing up vertically.

*****  Exit Harald’s apartment.

[ 12 ]  Harald’s attic  {1st visit}

*****  Still keeping inside the same building, turn around etc. and go up just a few stairs to the door to Harald’s attic.

*****  Open the door – you can’t; it’s locked.

*****  Use the Key from Harald’s apartment to open the attic door.

*****  Enter and look around, keeping very close to the door.

*****  There is some brown paneling with a door closed simply with a wooden rotatable latch.

*****  Open the latch and look inside.

*****  It’s a junk room – enter and see a large round tin; its top half is green and bottom half red.

*****  Open the tin and see the letters.

*****  Read the top letter; it’s from Iris to Harald.

*****  Click on it and read a review of a fascinating biography of Kurt Haijby – who nearly brought the Swedish Monarchy to an ignominious end.

*****  Exit the junk room.

*****  Walk a little further into the fairly long corridor of the attic.  On the right side see another. door and latch rather similar to the previous one – it has the number 30 stencilled on it.

*****  Open the door, enter and look around.

*****  Take the stepladder.

*****  Exit the room.

*****  Continue walking along the corridor to the end and look around.

*****  Take the fuse.

*****  Turn round and walk all the way back to the attic door and exit.

*****  Exit Harald’s attic.

[ 13 ]  Harald’s apartment  {3rd visit}

*****  Enter Harald’s apartment.

*****  Go to the kitchen.

*****  Get close to the refrigerator and see a red/orange bowl on top.

*****  Carol tries to get to it, but “Either the fridge is too high, or I’m too short”.

*****  Step back and put the stepladder alongside the fridge.

*****  Now Carol can get to the bowl easily.

*****  Look at and read the two (following) papers that are inside the bowl.

They are of great importance and contain serious clues.

Take the Note from Harald’s apartment.

Take the Strange messages to Harald.

Pick up the stepladder again.

*****  Exit Harald’s apartment.

[ 14 ] Adrian ’s apartment  {2nd visit}

*****  Alongside the entrance to the living room is a closet with a red coloured file.

*****  It is on top of a high set of shelves.

*****  Carol needs to get at that file – she can’t, it’s too high up:-

“No way, it almost touches the ceiling”.

*****  Put the stepladder alongside the shelves.

*****  Now you can take the file.

*****  Read the contents – it is a lease agreement between Frejas Inc. and Adrian Vinkelman.

*****  Remove the stepladder.

*****  Exit Adrian ’s apartment.

[ 15 ] The Trailer Park  {1st visit}

*****  Open the door to the trailer… you can’t, it’s closed from the inside.

*****  Try the window… Carol opens it without difficulty.

*****  Climb in:  Impossible, the opening is too narrow. 

*****  Look inside. Carol can see the inside handle but can’t reach it.

*****  Use the boat hook to unlatch the door on the inside.

*****  Close the window and leave it.

*****  Go to the door and enter the trailer.

*****  On the table are two notes… read them.

*****  Lift the cover of the sink.

*****  Read a biographical article about Kurt Haijby.

*****  Click on the article and read the unfinished rather illiterate note.

*****  Take the article about Kurt Haijby.

*****  Close the sink cover.

*****  Look around the trailer and open one side of the sliding doors of a closet.

*****  See a Screwdriver and take it… “This could come in handy”.

*****  Now open the other side of the sliding doors of that closet.

*****  See a Removable Handle and take it.

*****  Look for a closed closet.

*****  Use the Removable Handle to open the closet.

*****  Look inside the closet --- a pair of boots… “Mud, and it’s still wet”.

*****  Leave the trailer.

[ 16 ]  The Allotment  {2nd visit}

*****  Talk to Willy and exhaust all dialog options.

*****  Exit to the map.

[ 17 ] The National Tax Board  {1st visit}

*****  Talk to the janitor and exhaust all dialog options.

*****  Carol wants to get into the tax board office.

*****  During the course of discussion the janitor mentions that, for certain reasons, he would let her in if she could  find “seven wild flowers in seven certain colours”… “and remember, they have to be wild”.

***** The janitor says that he already has a green wild flower, and he gives her the List of flowers to get for the janitor There are six of them… red, white, yellow, pink, blue, purple.

*****  Exit to the map.

[ 18 ] The Docks  {1st visit}

*****  Look around --- it’s not a large area.

*****  Find some white flowers (some are for picking… others not).

*****  Pick some.

*****  “I think I’ll take another one” Carol says, and  obtains a white flower and also some white flowers.

*****  Leave the docks.

[ 19 ] The Lavender Brook  {1st visit}

*****  Go forwards --- only 7 (different) directional arrows… if you go further you will come across the brook and two tunnel openings.  You need to go there eventually - but later and not now).

*****  See some brightly coloured wild flowers.

*****  Take a close-up look at one gorgeous pink flower.

*****  Pick that flower.

*****  Exit to the map.

[ 20 ] Stina in the Store  {2nd visit} 

*****  Enter the store.

*****  Talk to Stina and exhaust all dialog options.

 *****  Exit the store.

*****  Notice that there are now two new locations on the map.

[ 21 ] The Milestone  {1st visit}

*****  Take a step or two forwards.

*****  View the milestone… Carol exclaims “I can’t see what it says. 1755 something”.

*****  Immediately behind the milestone are some coloured wild flowers.

*****  Take a close-up look at the brilliant blue flowers.

*****  Pick the flowers.

*****  Exit to the map.

[ 22 ] The Paintball Hall  {1st visit}

*****  Walk forward several times until you get close to the tall ladder alongside the actual paintball hall itself.

*****  Turn left and you’ll see some coloured wild flowers.

 *****  View the flowers close-up.

*****  Pick a purple flower.

*****  Enter the open door to the paintball hall.

*****  Search around the hall.

*****  Approach a scattered group of about a dozen discarded car tires.

*****  Look at and grab some headlights  - “For the night games, maybe?”.

*****  There is a tin of paint on the ground and alongside it is a can of spray.

*****  In front of the can, see and pick up a blood paint capsule - “----- it’s filled with a very strong red paint”.

*****  Leave the paintball hall. 

*****  Exit to the map.

[ 23 ]  The  Zodel Moral Mission   {2nd visit}

*****  See a pair of scissors on the table – to the right of the green brochure (alongside the newspaper).

*****  Look at and take  them.

*****  Again the Zodel Moral Mission representative appears and Carol talks to him.

*****  Exhaust all dialog options.

*****  Exit the Zodel Moral Mission .

[ 24 ]  The Allotment  {3rd visit}

*****  “I could pick some flowers here, but they wouldn’t be wild then” says Carol.

*****  Go to a wide rather scruffy white door.

*****  Open the door and enter.

*****  Make a close-up view of the tin can on the floor.

*****  Using the screwdriver, open the tin can.

*****  Put the blood paint capsule into the open tin.

*****  Cut the capsule open with the scissors.

*****  Dip the white flower into the red paint in the tin.

*****   Hey; now you’ve got a red flower.

*****  Close the tin.

*****  Exit to the map.

[ 25 ] The Petroglyphs  {1st visit}

          This is a location full of objects of historical and archeological interest.  You don’t actually have to view everything there, but it would be a pity to rush and not take your time to see and read about these unique items… not limited to Sweden alone!

          In all there are 6 stands with genuine pictures of petroglyphs with textual descriptions and explanations.  There are also about a half dozen photographs of actual petroglyphs in that area.

*****  Before you start your tour, take another look in inventory at the Note from Harald’s apartment.


*****  Look around the whole of the petroglyph location as mentioned above.

*****  In particular examine the stands with the following information:-


*****  Finally take another look in inventory at the Note from Harald’s apartment. --- Note the significant difference!


*****  Exit to the map.

[ 26 ] Stina in the Store  {3rd visit}

*****  Enter the store.

*****  Talk to Stina and exhaust all dialog options.

*****  Stina asks for a favour (for a change!).  “If you’re going to visit the Industrial Park, you can look for my earring”.  Stina dropped it last Christmas, and it fell down a grating in the waterfall observation (very) large pipe.

 *****  Exit the store

*****  Notice that there is now a new location on the map

[ 27 ] Industrial Park  {1st visit} 

*****  Search the area for some wild flowers

*****  You'll find some near to the catwalk

*****  However, since the area is quite large, you may need some help
If so:- From the very first photo inside the park, proceed as follows -  F x 8, R, F x 4, L, F x 8, L x 2, F (i.e. Upwards, in the right section of the frame), R, F, R, F x 2, L.

*****  See the flowers and take a close-up look.

*****  Take some yellow flowers.
*****  LEAVE the industrial park.

*****  Immediately reenter the park.

*****  Search the area for some red water

*****  There is a  ramp leading down to a construction area in the industrial park since the red waterfall is being overhauled.  You can go down that ramp and then left to a stream and get some from there.

*****  However, once again, since the park covers quite a large area, you may need some help.
If so:-
From the very first photo inside the park, proceed as follows - F x 8, R, F x 6, L, Place the ladder against the wall and climb up it, R, F, L, F x 3, L, F.

*****  Take the test tube and fill it with red water.

*****  Exit to the map.

[ 28 ] The National Tax Board  {2nd visit}

*****  Not far from the door see a memo on the wall --- to Johanna from Lotta.

*****  Read it and take it --- it’s a Message from archives.

***** Go to the far end of the room.

*****  See a pile of hooks, slightly to the left on the bottom shelf.

*****  Pick up one --- Carol exclaims “This could be used for a lot of things”.

*****  Take the Screw hook.

*****  To the right of these hooks is a pass card belonging to Stephan Lundgren (alias our truly brilliant Swedish Developer Mikael Nyqvist --- ain’t he something!!).

*****  Turn over the pass card.

*****  Read what’s written there on the back.

*****  Return to the door and alongside it see a copying machine.

*****  Take a close-up look at the copier.

*****  Try to print something --- seems you can’t… the panel reads “Load paper to continue copying”.  Apparently it’s out of paper.

*****  So use the back of the abovementioned  message from archives as a sheet of paper

*****  Now you have paper you can print --- but no; another obstacle… the panel reads “Enter personal 4 digit code”.

*****  If you haven’t already done so, turn over the pass card.

*****  Read what’s written there:-

*****  Maybe that’s a clue to the missing code – The words are:- Ivan ~ Xerxes ~ Victor.  The first capital letters of these words are I, X, V… in Latin numbers that’s 1, 10, 5  How about trying the code 1105..

***** Enter the code. Hey! it works.

*****  You get a printed Archives list (on the other side of the ‘Message from archives’).

*****  Exit to the map.

[ 29 ]  The Theatre Workshop  {2nd visit}

*****  Return to Harald’s desk.  It is where you got the ‘key from tea package’ in section [ 4 ]   (where the computer and printer are situated).

*****  However, once again, since the workshop is quite spread out, you may need some help:-
If so:-
From the very first photo inside the workshop, proceed as follows – R, F x 3, L, F, R, F x 2, L, F, R, F x 5, close-up.

*****  In front of the printer is a small pile of CD cases --- take a good look.

*****  Take the strange instruction.

*****  Exit to the map.

[ 30 ] Industrial Park  {2nd visit} 

*****  From the first photo inside the park go forward quite a number of times until you can go no further.  You find yourself in front of a building that looks somewhat like an austere church but in actual fact was the Norrköping heating station (note the tall chimneys).

*****  Turn right and again make a number of steps forward.  You are now at a museum which recalls the period from about the mid 19th to the mid 20th centuries when the foundries of Norrköping were producing products from different metals… possibly the best in Europe .

*****  Enter the museum and look around.  Part of it is rather dimly lit, the other part is very brightly illuminated mainly by the strong light from large windows. 

*****  Go to the brightly lit part and search around until you find a pair of pliers --- they are in front of a very large window made up of a dozen substantial panes of glass.

*****  Pick up the pliers..

*****  Now go to the darker part of the museum and get to a section illustrating a lot of the excellent metal work, workers, and foundries of Norrköping.

*****  Look at the posters and read them, and particularly a poster depicting the work of blacksmiths.

*****  To its left there is a vise clamped to a bench… approach it and view it in close-up.

*****  Close the vise by clicking on its ‘handle’.

*****  Insert the screw hook between the jaws of the vise.

*****  Use the pliers to bend the screw hook.

*****  Take the bent screw hook which you have made.

*****  Leave the museum: You can’t!  You can’t purloin an historical item (even in a Quest/Adventure) from a national museum.

*****  Return the pliers to the place from which you took them.

*****  Now you can leave the museum… so do that.

*****  Exit the industrial park.

[ 31 ]  Harald’s apartment  {4th visit}

*****  Enter Harald’s apartment.

*****  There are 2 doors facing Carol. The left door leads to the bathroom/toilet.

*****   Enter the right door --- You can’t; it’s locked.

*****  Look at the handle and keyhole.

*****  Use the bent screw hook to open the door and enter Harald’s bedroom.

*****  Go to the trash bin and look at it in close-up.

*****  Take the Letter from Harald’s trash - It’s not 100% certain, but it seems likely that it was written by Harald himself and trashed… Something in that letter will have a bearing on a later action.

*****  Click on the Letter from Harald’s trash and see a brochure concerning “Happy Rentals – Premium Membership”… it is still in the trash can (and can be read again). 

*****  It’s worth while remembering anything of importance in that brochure – particularly Harald’s Birth Date… 23/06/1953 .

*****  Open the closet. 

*****  Look at the pocket of Harald’s brown jacket.  There is something there.

*****  Take a piece of paper with just two 4 digit numbers on it --- Note from Harald’s pocket. The numbers are 8591 and 1173.

*****  Exit the closet.

*****  Leave the bedroom.

*****  Leave Harald’s apartment.

*****  Exit to the map.

[ 32 ]  The Theatre Workshop  {3rd visit}

*****  Go to the paint room.  If you have difficulty in finding it, it is the place Carol visited earlier on in section [ 4 ] ---  the white  door with a fairly large dirty splash of paint which has dripped downwards. If you miss it, it is in the same area as a wall with three posters on it, the middle one being a representation of Napoleon… and underneath about three dozen tins of paints.

If you have trouble getting there the following may help - Keeping on the ground floor, go to Harald’s desk (where the computer and printer are) as you have done twice before i.e. From the very first photo inside the workshop, proceed as follows – R, F x 3, L, F, R, F x 2, L, F, R, F x 5,.  From there it is easy – R x 2, F x 4, L.

*****  Enter the paint room.

*****  Turn right and look at the code lock on the door. Perhaps you should try one of the two 4 digit numbers on the note from Harald's pocket on it? The note should be in your inventory, and the correct code is 8591.

*****  Look at the International Color Chart.

*****  Aren’t there two familiar numbers there? - Look (in inventory) at the note from Harald’s apartment.  They are 101 – yellow colour and 202 – pink. Colour..

*****  Do you remember the puzzle box in Harald’s apartment - The above 2 colours appear on it. You cannot solve that puzzle yet, but will have to wait until a fair bit later.

*****  Beneath the chart are two large square open bins.

*****  Look into the left bin and notice the corner of a white envelope.

*****  Open the envelope.

*****  Inside it is a note – read it.  It is from somebody called Stefan describing some sort of cache in a mountain somewhere (“….… in a small room with a green door to the left … a box …… ”).

*****  The same envelope contains a key.

*****  Pocket the key from envelope - it opens both the door and the box.             

*****  Leave the paint room.

*****  Then leave the theatre workshop.

*****  Exit to the map.

[ 33 ] The National Tax Board  {3rd visit}

*****  It seems that Harald changed his name… so look at the Archives list.

*****  Apparently name changes are filed in the Tax Office under section ‘Fa’.

*****  Go to that section.

*****  Now what was Harald’s birthday?  It was printed on that brochure concerning “Happy Rentals – Premium Membership”… it is still in the trash can in Harald’s bedroom (and can be read again --- see [ 31 ]).

*****  The only thing that was worth remembering in that brochure was:- Harald’s Birth Date… 23/06/1953 .

*****  So look at the white card marked ‘23’.

*****  Take a file from that section.

*****  Look at the file --- it is tied with string.

*****  Cut the string with scissors.

*****  Keep the string.

*****  Examine the National Tax Board form for Harald Lund.

*****  It seems that his original name was Harald Haijby.

*****  Exit to the map.

[ 34 ] Industrial Park  {3rd visit}

*****  Go to the waterfall viewing area (The waterfall of red water is not in operation due to renovations)… you passed it on your way to the catwalk in [ 27 ]. 

If you have difficulty finding it – Follow the first half of the instructions in [ 27 ] approximately:- i.e. F x 8, R, F x 4, L, F x 6.

*****  If you haven’t already done so previously, look down close-up at the grating and see something down there.

*****  It is the earring which Stina accidentally dropped down there last Christmas. “That must be Stina’s earring.”… see [ 26 ]. 

*****  In inventory, attach the string to the fish hook or vice versa and obtain a string with fish hook.

*****  Fish the earring out using the string with fish hook… it is Stina’s earring.

*****  Leave the Industrial Park and exit to the map.

[ 35 ] Stina in the Store  {3rd visit}

*****  Talk to Stina,

*****  Give Stina’s earring back to her… she thanks Carol etc.

[ 36 ]  Harald’s attic  {2nd visit}

*****  Go to Harald’s place but don’t enter his apartment.

*****  Instead, enter his attic --- see [ 12 ].

*****  Walk along nearly to the far end, and on the right side there is a door marked “Clockwork Mechanism”.

*****  Open the door – you can’t it’s locked.

*****  So, use the bent screw hook on the keyhole.

*****  Enter the room.

*****  Look around; amongst other things there is a ladder leading upwards.

*****  Climb up the ladder, and another one. Carol exclaims “I can’t see anything up there”… obviously it’s much too dark.

*****  Return down again.

*****  Go to a fuse board.

*****  Look at it closely.

*****  Notice that one fuse is missing.

*****  So plug in the fuse.

*****  Again return to the ladder.

*****  Climb up the ladders and view a large standing clock mechanism.

*****  Up there and in the vicinity is an oil can, on one of the horizontal beams.

*****  Take it.

*****  Return down the ladder. (You can play a few notes on the organ if you wish).

*****  Go out of the “Clockwork Mechanism” room.

*****  Leave the attic.

*****  Exit Harald’s apartment house.

[ 37 ] The Docks  {1st visit}

*****  Look around --- it’s not a large area.

*****  Go to the entrance of a cave… it is very close to the location where you picked the white flowers in section [ 18 ] .

 *****  The cave is closed with heavy locked metal doors.

*****  Look close-up at the doors,

*****  Insert the key from envelope into the keyhole.

*****  Open the door --- you can’t “It’s stuck” --- “So I guess I’ll have to find another way in”.  (Don’t move too quickly i.e. before Carol has finished speaking!)

*****  Go to the left and rear of the heavy doors.  Climb up a few stairs and keep going forwards.

*****  You will find a rear entry (which was probably illegally broken into at some stage).

***** Go into the rear entry and walk in.

*****  “It’s too dark” to proceed, and Carol can’t see a thing.

*****  Put on the headlights.  Now she can see reasonably well.

*****  Go forward a couple of times and right, and then forward again three times and then left, and see a hammer on the ground.

*****  Pick up the hammer.

*****  From where you picked up the hammer, go right and forward as much as you can and notice the metal cutters.

*****  Grab them.

*****  Go one (only) step to the left, and you will see a locked box.

*****  Open the box – you can’t; you need the key.

*****  If you read the letter in the Theatre Workshop ([ 32 ]…from Stefan), it says that the same key opens the main doors and also the box. 

*****  But that key is outside in the main doors.

*****  Exit the rear entry to the cave.

*****  Make your way to the front doors.

*****  Take the key --- you can’t… it’s stuck inside the keyhole.

*****  Maybe you can push it out from inside the cave.

*****  Return to the rear entry and enter.

*****  Go to the very end and view the inside of the main doors.

*****  If you have difficulty finding the main doors inside the cave – From the time you put on the headlights - F x 2, R, F x 5, L, F,R, F, close-up.

*****  Try to push the key out from inside… that doesn’t work - you need something to push it out.

*****  Use the oil can on the keyhole --- still no go!

*****  Bang on the oilcan with the hammer.

*****  At last… it shoves the key out.

*****  Again exit the cave through the rear entry.

*****  Go to the main doors.

*****  Nearby you will see the key from envelope on the ground.

*****  Pick it up.

*****  Return to the rear entry and enter.

*****  Go to the locked box which needs the key as  mentioned above.

*****  Use the key from envelope to open the locked box..

*****  Look at and read the letter from Harald to Stefan, and the reply from Stefan to Harald.

*****  Carol realizes that she got mixed up, and what she thought was “milestone” was actually “limestone” (a simple partial anagram!).

*****  Leave the cave .

*****  Exit to the map.

[ 38 ] Adrian ’s apartment  {3rd visit}

*****  Open the door  to Adrian ’s balcony --- you can’t!

*****  Look at the door handle… Carol remarks “It looks like one of these removable handles.  But where is the handle?”.

*****  You probably picked one up in the trailer.

*****  Open the balcony door using the Removable handle.

*****  Notice a red and white coloured trash bag there.

*****  From inside the trash bag, read the letter from Lizzy to Adrian .  This is important and Carol echoes “The turquoise machine?”.

*****  Leave the balcony

*****  Exit Adrian ’s apartment.

[ 39 ] The Paintball Hall  {2nd visit}

*****  Walk forward several times until you get to the first door in the paintball hall.

*****  Enter the door.

*****  Turn left and look closely at the machine there … Carol says “Can this be the turquoise machine?”.

*****  Look at it in close-up… on the left side of the top brown box is a small lever..

*****  Open the small lever – impossible! “I think it needs some oiling”.

*****  Use the oil can on the small lever.

*****  Now you can open the brown --- box, so open it!

*****  Use the boat hook on the open brown box to pick up a plastic bag with a note in it.

*****  Read the note from Lizzy. Apparently, Adrian is partial to the number 127. (but she writes that she can’t assign him that number!).

*****  Replace the note and the plastic bag.

*****  Close the brown box.

*****  Leave the paintball hall. 

*****  Exit to the map.

[ 40 ] The Lavender Brook  {2nd visit}

*****  Go forwards several times. Now and then you need to turn to the right when there is no forwards arrow. Eventually, you will come to two tunnel openings.

*****  Carol expostulates: “I’m not going to jump into that water in these shoes”.

*****  She changes into gum boots.

*****  One of the notes in Adrian ’s trailer said something about the right tunnel.  So enter the right tunnel.

*****  Go forwards.

*****  But “I can’t even see the rats in here now”.

*****  So put on the headlights in order to see.

*****  Go forwards as many times as possible.

*****  Turn left and see a briefcase on a ledge connecting the left and right tunnels. The case is attached to the ledge with a metal chain.

*****  Use the metal cutters to sever the chain.

*****  Pick up the briefcase (obtaining a close-up of it).

*****  Notice the numpad on the front of  it.

*****  You need the correct code for it.

*****  Remember what Adrian ’s favourite number was?  It was mentioned in [39] on the note from Lizzy in the turquoise machine - It was ‘127’! right?

*****  Enter the code number (127) into the numpad on the briefcase, and watch it open.

*****  The briefcase contains lots of money.  Look at it closely.

*****   Carol says “I think I should try to find Adrian again”.

*****  Click on it and the Briefcase with money goes into inventory.

*****  Get out of the tunnel.

*****  Exit to the map.

[ 41 ] The Trailer Park  {2nd visit}

*****  Open the door to the trailer… You will find Adrian in there.

*****  Talk to Adrian and exhaust all dialog options.

*****  During the course of discussion obtain a bucket.

*****  At the end of the dialog, Carol is reminded that it is Midsummer’s Eve. We’ve learned from a letter on her kitchen table that she was supposed to meet up with her friend Jonas in his cottage today.

*****  After the dialog, you’re automatically transported to………….

[ 42 ]  The Allotment  {4th visit}

*****  At the allotment, you meet Jonas, apparently not in a very good mood. Exhaust all dialog options, and his mood soon changes for the better.

*****  Watch the barbeque cut scene.

[ 43 ] Stina in the Store  {4th visit}

*****  Enter Stina’s store.  Carol asks “I simply must find a limestone quarry in Kolmarden”! (It is the one that Harald corresponded about with Stefan in the cave--- at the end of [37]).

*****  Stina will give you directions.

*****  Leave Stina and return to the map.

*****  The Limestone quarry is now on the map.

[ 44 ] The Limestone Quarry  {1st visit}

*****  Go to a small lake containing green water --- amazing!  Carol mentions “That water is green alright!”.

If you have difficulty finding that lake – From the first screen; Walk forward a couple of times then right and you’ll see some white stones.  Walk up to the stones and then turn left. Then, walk forward until you get to the lake.

*****  If you want to, you can look at the water in close-up, but you can’t do anything there yet.

*****  Look for a rope…it’s a little way away on the limestone.

You nay find it difficult to find the rope; if so – From the small green lake, go Rx2, F, L, Fx5, R, close-up.

*****  Pick up the rope.

*****  Tie the rope to the bucket or vice versa in inventory – now you have a bucket with rope.

*****  Go back to the lake of green water and look at it in close-up.

*****  Lower the bucket with rope into the water, and obtain some green water.

*****  Return to the place where you found the rope.

*****  Turn left and walk forward until you get to an “Exit” icon. Turn to the right. Walk forwards as far as possible and  turn left.

*****  Observe some indecipherable writing on the wall.

*****  Remember what the note in Harald’s apartment said about a message being revealed by the rain on this particular limestone wall ([31]).

*****  Use the green water on the wall, and the message will be revealed.

*****  Look at the message, and Carol exclaims “That’s the night of the murder”.

*****  Mix the green water with the red water from the test tube in inventory, and get red and green water mixed.

*****  Dip the litmus paper into the red and green water mixed in inventory. The paper turns blue (i.e. the water is alkaline… with a ph greater than 7).  You get  blue coloured litmus paper.

*****  Exit to the map. (If you just turn to the left from the message, and then continue forwards, you find a very close exit icon).

*****  Notice the new location which has appeared on the map.

[ 45 ] The Hedwig Church  {1st visit}

*****  Go to the Hedwig Church on the map.

*****  Enter via the main entrance.

*****  Just before the main part of the church, there is a storage room to the right.

*****  Enter the storage room.

*****  To the left, find a reacher, and “borrow” it.  Carol apologizes “OK, but I have to return it later.  I’d hate to steal from a church.”.

*****  Leave the storage room.

*****  Go through the whole church (in which the game’s creator Mikael Nyqvist and his lovely wife and co-worker Eleen got married) and look at the beautiful windows.

***** Reach the altar; and then go to the left, forward twice, and right twice, and you’ll find a back door to the church.

*****  Exit the church through that back door.

*****  Outside the church and near the back door, there is a mobile phone lying partly hidden in some grass (it is near some cigarette butts).

*****  Carol muses “Maybe Harald dropped his mobile phone here, if he was standing here waiting.”.

*****  Pick up the mobile phone.

*****  Look at it in close-up (by right clicking it in inventory). 

*****  Maybe one of the codes found on the note in Harald’s pocket [31] will activate the phone The note should be in your inventory, and the correct code is 1173.

*****  There are 2 messages from Iris on the phone, one of which reports that she has changed her door code to 3395.

*****  Wander around outside the church – but outside it. In the vicinity you may see the “Three Princes’ Alley”.

*****  If you go to that alley, Carol will note that Iris’ apartment is close by.

 *****  Exit to the map.

[ 46 ]  Harald’s apartment  {5th visit}

*****  Enter the right hand one of the 2 doors.

*****  Go straight to the box with the 3 x 3 coloured matrix, which is close to the bed in the living room.

*****  You now have the three colours that are referred to in the note you picked up in the bowl on top of the refrigerator… see [13]  

*****  Press the appropriate three coloured squares on the box – blue,  pink, and yellow… in that order.

*****  The box opens.

*****  Look at and take the  machine handle in the box.

*****  Leave Harald’s apartment and without leaving the building go to his attic.

[ 47 ]  Harald’s attic  {3rd visit}

*****  Enter the “Clockwork Mechanism” room ([36]), and find the clock mechanism.

*****  View the mechanism in close-up.

*****  Use the machine handle on it.

*****  Pull the handle twice, and a compartment opens up right above you; (You see it only temporarily!).

*****  Remove the machine handle.

*****  Climb the ladder just behind the clock mechanism to access that compartment. If you have difficulty – Go down to exit the close-up.  Then go forward and left.  Then finally up the short ladder.

*****  Get something from there --- you can’t because it’s too high up.

*****  Use the reacher on the compartment to get the contents.

*****  Find and take the key; “For my favourite water flowerer”.

*****  Look at the envelope and open it.

*****  Read the letter from Kurt Haijby to his son Harald (Haijby) Lund .

*****  Go down Below.

*****  Exit the “Clockwork Mechanism” room,

*****  Leave Harald’s attic.

*****  Exit to the map.

[ 48 ] The Hedwig Church  {2nd visit}

*****  You can’t steal an object from a holy place!

Return to the Hedwig Church storage room.

*****  Replace the reacher.

*****  Leave the storage room.

*****  Exit to the map.

[ 49 ]  Iris’ apartment  {2nd visit}

*****  Enter her apartment --- No way! You must first operate the call panel.

*****  Go to the ‘call panels’ at the side of the door.

*****  Enter the NEW door code 3395 to open the outer door.

*****  Use the key from the envelope in the attic ([47]) to open Iris’ door.

*****  Once inside Iris’ apartment, go to her bedroom.

*****  Locate a night desk in the bedroom and examine it in close-up.

*****  There is a drawer in that desk… Open it.

*****  In the drawer is a key.

*****  Get that key from Iris’ apartment.

*****  Leave the bedroom and on the wall in the first room to the left notice 2 photographs. [The lower one is of the author of this walkthrough dancing at the wedding of one of his grandchildren.  That was 2 years ago when he was 82 years old.  She now has a 5 month old daughter, so he’s now a great granddaddy :)]

*****  Proceed to the room with the TV set.

*****  Beneath the TV is a cabinet.

*****  Open a cabinet door with the key from Iris’ apartment

*****  Open the drawer in the cabinet and see a letter.

*****  Read the letter --- “I know that handwriting.  It’s that guy from the Zodel Moral Mission” says Carol.  It looks like the Mission representative has tried to blackmail Iris.

*****  Try to leave the apartment from any of the doors that lead outside.

*****  Ooops, it seems like Iris didn’t go on that trip after all. She’s just coming home!

*****  You now have to exit the apartment from the opposite door. But be quick, Iris will enter the apartment if you’re not fast enough R x 2, F x 2, click on the door handle!


[ 50 ]  Look at the ending, the Credits and the EPILOGUE which completes the narrative.