Arcane, The Stone Circle Mystery - Episode 4

Walkthroughİ by Bert Jamin ( November 2005

You can use this walkthrough for whatever you want. It is as free as this great game is!
However you may not alter this walkthrough in any way.


Examine the green handbag that is standing in front of you. Open the handbag and take the box of matches. Zoom out. Go forward into the next train compartment. Examine the lady dressed in pink. It turns out that all of the passengers have been hypnotized by the henchman.

Take the bottle of champagne from the cooler. Take the cooler. Go forward into the next compartment of the train. Quickly click and drag the bottle of champagne on the henchman. Notice that this compartment has three doors to the right. Enter the side door behind you. Take the stethoscope from the handbag. Exit this cabin.

Enter the third cabin. Click and drag the stethoscope on the safe. Take the statue. Remove the ruby from the statue. Take the closed envelop. Read the note inside the envelop. Remember the last words that you must not open Al-Azif under no circumstance! Zoom out twice and exit the cabin. Try to go forward into the next compartment to find out it is locked. Return to the luggage compartment where Prescott is waiting for you.

Enter the compartment behind the two of you. Use the statue on the same shaped statue on the closed door. Enter the dark compartment. Because of all the negative energy Ophelia will stay behind. Take the blue amulet from the statue.

Notice that this compartment has four niches. In three of them there is an opened book on the bottom shelf. Also notice the symbols beneath these niches. Place the box of matches on the top shelf of the niche with the flame symbol. Place the bucket with ice on the top shelf of the niche with the eye symbol. Place the ruby on the top shelf of the niche with the circular symbol.

Now use your night vision goggles. Notice the glowing seat of the throne. Click on that glowing seat to get... the book called Al-Azif. Remember that you must not open it under no circumstance!!! So instead of paging through the book just zoom out!!!

Click on the night vision goggles in your inventory to get rid of the thing. Place the book on the bottom shelf of the niche with the star symbol. Now the henchman will come after you. While standing on the roof of the train he will try to stab you with his knife!

As soon as he swings his knife up just click on your left mouse button to avoid his stabs. In the meantime Ophelia will try to uncouple the wagon. As soon as you get control over her, zoom in on the grate at the right side of the wagon. You have to turn the rings so that the lever at the right side goes all the way to the center.

The best way to do this is setting one ring every time you get control over Ophelia. Here is how I had to turn the rings. Work your way from the outer ring to the center ring.

Click on the top arrow of the outer ring four times
Click on the top arrow of the second ring three times
Click on the top arrow of the third ring two times
Click on the top arrow of the fourth ring three times
The other rings will be a piece of cake

After you have done this correctly Ophelia will uncouple the last wagon and Prescott will knock down the henchman and jumps back on the train just in time...


End of Episode 4